New HS basketball polls

Very few games this past week, because of exams and we have updated the polls as it applies and we have added another new element. Each week one team will drop out of the poll as we wind through the season and by the middle of February, right around Feb. 14, we ought to be right about down to, the heart of the matter….One team from each poll(Girls and Boys) will be eliminated each week and welcome to “Dancing with the Basketball Stars”…..

The Big Dance is coming up in early March….(State Tournament Titles will on the line and who will be there from Guilford County?????)

Girls Poll:
1) High Point Central(13-0)
2) Eastern Guilford(12-1)
3) Southeast Guilford(10-4)
4) Dudley(9-4)
5) Smith(10-4)
6) Page(9-4)
7) Northern Guilford(11-4)
8 Northwest Guilford(11-4)
9) Western Guilford(11-7)
10) Southwest Guilford(8-6)
11) Ragsdale(8-6)
12) Grimsley(6-8)
13) Northeast Guilford(7-8)
14) High Point Andrews(4-8)
15) Southern Guilford(2-9)

Boys Poll:
1) Dudley (8-4)
2) Northern Guilford(13-1)
3) Greensboro Day School(20-3)
4) Western Guilford(10-3)
5) Page(7-6)
6) Smith(9-5)
7) Grimsley (9-5)
8 Northeast Guilford(7-8)
9) Northwest Guilford(7-9)
10) Eastern Guilford(8-5)
11) High Point Central(5-7)
12) Southern Guilford(5-8)
13) High Point Andrews(4-4)
14) Ragsdale(6-9)
15) Southwest Guilford(4-9)


  1. Not sure where they should be ranked but I don’t see how under any scenario you could have NW Guilford ranked not only ahead of Ragsdale but five spots ahead of them. Virtually identical records plus Ragsdale has beat them twice – once at a neutral site and once on their own court.

  2. andy I know you are on the GDS bandwagon, but please take GDS off of the poll. Start one for the private schools that’s not fair to everyone else.

  3. Greensboro Smith at Western Guilford

    Western Guilford hosts Greensboro Smith on Saturday evening. It is a match-up of the 5th and 10th ranked girls teams along with a 4th ranked Western Guilford boys vs. the 6th ranked Smith Eagles. Game times begin at 4:00 and 5:15pm with JV and varsity games to follow at 6:30 and 8pm. Come out for a great night of basketball entertainment!

  4. We will have to keep a closer eye on Ragsdale…They were #14 last week and they have improved one game this week to (6-9) and before last Friday night’s win at NWG they had been having trouble in the conferecne….

    RHS losses to HPC and SWG and NWG is 4-1 in the conferecne now after their win back on Monday against WS Parkland…I will have to give the RHS-NWG head-to-head a closer look and you may have a point…

    The one loss by NWG to RHS was in the Pizza Hut and did not count as a conference game…..

    I was basing part of this on NWG’s recent climb on the conference trail and RHS’s drop as the conference action has heated up, although RHS did get that win last Friday…

    The polls are officially open for discussion for this week…

    Ragsdale did lose to HPC, but it may become a case where RHS will need to jump HPA and SG next week and the Tigers might just be ready to do that…HP Andrews is the toughest team of to get a read on based on their reports to MaxPreps….

    Big games tonight….

  5. Andy,

    just a correction…Ragsdale boys are not having conference trouble…they are actually in first place at 3 -1 and play Glenn tonight with a chance to go 4-1…they have already won two conference games on the road. They also beat Andrews who is ahead of them.

  6. Ragsdale didn’t lose to SWG and they are 3-1 in the conference. That Central loss (one of three conference road games they played last week) is the only conference loss they have. They play Glenn at home tonight. Losing Roberts in the Page game set the development of the team back quite a bit, especially since he missed early season due to football. Team still has a ways to go but they are getting better. I believe they end up winning the conference.

  7. The poll doesn’t matter. Who will win Conference, that’s the question. I like NW but at this point advantage Ragsdale. If they both continue to win it will come down to the game at Ragsdale and should be a good one. The teams match up well and last time they played, NW was off target from 3 point land and Ragsdale was bombs away. This would be a great game to watch with alot on the line.

  8. I think you guys are right….My prediction is that Ragsdale will win tonight against Glenn to go 4-1 in the conference, but they will still trail NWG by a half-game and then RHS will fall to Forsyth Country Day on Monday at the Coliseum….

    Tyler Lewis(FCD) will put on a show on Monday if everything falls into place…

    Ragsdale will do OK in conference, that is a very weak conference as a whole, but I don’t feel RHS is anywhere near where they were last year, but we all know they lost a ton of talent….

    Fine team at RHS that is working hard and I can see them moving up in next week’s poll….

    *****The guy coaching FCD is interesting too. Craig Dawson, former Wake Forest basketball player who is the cousin of Jerry Stackhouse, both from Kinston. Dawson replaced another former Deacon at FCD, Rusty Larue, who went back to WFU to coach…..*****

    MLK DAY Monday…

  9. Andy, I believe that Ragsdale beat NW last week during there 3 game week. Not positive, but if Ragsdale didn’t beat NW in the conference then who did?

  10. Intersting, top offensive teams Points per game are:
    1. Dudley 77.5
    2. Northern 68.2
    3. ORMA 65.2
    4. Grimsley 64.08
    5. Northwest 62.8
    6. Greensboro day 60.3

  11. FCD barely beat NW.
    I would not go handing the game Monday to them. RHS, lets not look past Glenn tonight. Continue to handle your business each game and everything will be fine.
    Your schedule has prepared you for the stretch run where it matters.

    I have seen most teams from Greensboro to Winston and there is not a huge difference 3-15 (have not seen Dudley this year yet but looking forward to it).
    Anyone could win any given night
    Conference seeding will be big this year on how deep in playoffs teams get.
    For example one conference has listed #1, 4,5,6,7. Not sure how many playoff births they get, but looks like somebody might not even make the playoffs

    While NW and RHS might not be in the strongest conference, imho, I don’t believe a 5th place team will be better than either of them at the end of the season.

    Andy, thanks for the forum. Makes for interesting reading while we wait for the games to be played!

  12. I think that effort by NWG against FCD was one the better Viking efforts of the season and another close loss by NWG.

    A good barometer might just be the GDS-FCD game this evening…

    I keep on hearing about this Tyler Lewis kid from FCD and I remember being at the Coliseum two years ago and Mike Brey from Notre Dame and Tommy Amaker from Harvard were their scouting the young prodigy…..

    If this kid goes off look out and I want to know who will get the defensive assignment for the Bengals and the Tigers when they face this kid….

    Langston Wertz Jr. at the Charlotte Observer web site has a video interview with Tyler Lewis, and this kid must have something, if the Charlotte people are talking about him too….

    *****We’ll go after those conference records for you…*****

  13. I’m tired of complaint about Westchester not being in these rankings! Especially when it only involves GUILFORD County teams. Andy, I would like to know how Dudley finds itself at the top of the poll having lost 4 games???

  14. FSB,

    Dudley’s losses have come to high quality opponents.

    #1 GW Danville, one of, if not the top team in the state of Virginia

    #’s 2 and 3….. Two losses to teams in the December tournament down in Florida and from what I could read up on from the Fort Myers Post on-line paper, those were top-notch teams…

    Loss #4 to Kinston, one of the top 4 teams, public or private in the State of North Carolina…

    Another reason is that Dudley beat Grimsley who beat Northern who beat Greensboro Day….Grimsley fell down this week after back-to-back losses to Smith and PAGE….

    One other reason and if you watch Dudley play, you may agree or disagree, PJ Hairston…

    If it comes to a match-up game with another Guilford County team, I don’t know of anyone who can stop him…Northern couldn’t stop him at Dudley last year and he stopped himself at NG when the Panthers lost there later on(Bad night from three-point land and it wasn’t the defense)….

    The title game with Northern, I would have to go back on that one and do some reactive digging…NG got the win at NEG and not sure exactly what kind of game PJ had on that Friday night…I know he left the game briefly with injury and when it was over I was on my over to Page for the Grimsley game that Friday night…Two in one night and you have to go way back…

    If Hairston is on, Dudley does’t lose to another Guilford County team and I don’t know if we have any Guilford County schools that can stop him….

    Just a few thoughts….Maybe too many thoughts, but it does give us a perspective….

  15. Girls Poll:

    What a Friday to obliterate your standings. 1 lost to 10 and 3 lost to 12; 13 has already beat 2, but 2 also beat 13, other than 4 losing to 3..all their games were losses to high quality teams.

    Now What….lol

    Good luck with new poll

  16. Seriously Andy? There are tons of private schools better than most of those public schools. So why is GDS the only private school in the group? Westchester beat central and they are like 12-1. Wesleyan beat western guilford and southwest guilford and are 16-5.The list could go on and on. Plus all the private schools that beat GDS like ORMA, nd FCDS. So once again I will ask the question. Why is GDS the only private school in the bunch? And now even the more important question. Why are you so biased towards GDS?

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