NEWS 2 Sports Special on Northern Guilford Boys Basketball

from Brian Hall and the WFMY NEWS 2 Sports Team and this is one we highly recommend and you can check it out now when you Click Here for…..Check out this video and it will be worth your time……

First Year Coach Ryan Freeman Leading Northern Guilford To Great Start

Greensboro, N.C.– The Past is the past and the future is now.

This is the motto for sports teams all over the nation and one of them is right here in the triad.

Northern Guilford has put the past behind them. Under first year coach Ryan Freeman, the Nighthawks are off to a great start to the 2009 season.

Northern is 14-1 with their only loss coming to Grimsley in the Pizza Hut Invitational.


  1. pretty good video—-interesting comment one of the players made about “sticking around’ to finish what they started. think how good they would be if coach k was still there!

  2. are you kidding me. “think how good they would be if coach k was still there.” last time i checked they were 14-1. what would they be undefeated? thats a dumb comment. they have a coach and he must be doing something right. coach k could do no better . plus he has his own kids. lets see he coaches those kids. he didnt go get the best in the county, he is a coach . he coaches with what he has . to me thats a good coach. good job coach at northern keep up the good work. hard work does pay off. good luck to you and your and i stress your team.

  3. Coach Freeman is doing a great job. He has the kid’s playing great team defense. He stepped into a mine field and he is making the best of it. All of those people that were constantly complaining about Northern last year have not been heard on their current success. It should also be stated that the Nighthawks are doing this without a player over 6′ 4″.

  4. This is a great video. It is good to see positive news on the boys team. It is also great to see that although they mentioned Frye as the “go to guy” he says it is all a team effort and everyone is relied on. Some should take note.

  5. Good job Coach Freeman, thanks for doing things the right way, Good Luck the rest of the year.

  6. jdawg……….Coach Freeman is doing a fantastic job with the kids that actually LIVE in his attendance area. Which is what high school public athletics is all about. Those that go out and recruit players that belong to other schools just to win games are gutless wannabes.

  7. the kids are enjoying playing this year and I am proud of the entire team. JFrye and Dillion Berry spoke well and are a great representation of our students.

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