HS hoops tonight 1/22/2010

I would say this was the game of the night with it being a two-point game with 3.5 seconds left to play and Northern Guilford with the ball and trailing 64-62 and they had to go the length of the court…Pass on the inbounds goes over Jonathan Frye’s head at mid-court and Brandon Dorsett catches the errant pass, he gets fouled and then proceeds to hit the two free throws and Greensboro Day School tops Northern Guilford 66-62…..The GDS Dillard Atheltic Center was packed and the GDS big men played solid and steady tonight(points in the paint 29 for GDS) and Jon McBeth had a huge game for Northern…..

Greensboro Day School 66
Northern Guilford 62
*****I can’t speak for all the other games, but to me this was the game of the night…Largest crowd I have ever seen at a GDS game….*****

Other Boys FINALS:
Dudley 68
Grimsley 54

*****PJ Hairston returned for Dudley and he had 25 points for the Panthers….Dudley on the road for the Virginia SlamFest on Saturday…*****

Western Guilford 70
Page 65

Glenn 50
Northwest Guilford 49

High Point Central 58
East Forsyth 57

*****HP Central at HP Andrews on Saturday night…*****

JV Boys Final:
Northern Guilford 57
Greensboro Day School 54

Dudley 64
Grimsley 40

Page 44
Western Guilford 36

SE Guilford 35
Smith 30

Northeast Guilford 37
Southern Guiford 34

High Point Central by 20 points over East Forsyth….

River Mill 58
Northwood 46

River Mill sprinted out to a 40-17 halftime lead and cruised past Northwood, in a Carolina Nine 2-A/1-A girls game.

Marla Crawford had eight assists and seven steals for the Lady Jaguars, who improved to 21-4 overall.

River Mill 21-4 (11-0) 18 22 10 8 = 58
Northwood N/A (7-3) 9 8 13 16 = 46

NWG boy’s numbers:
Northwest 49
Glenn 50

1st Quarter 9 to 10 Glenn
2nd Quarter 16 to 11 NWG
3rd Quarter 11 to 12 Glenn
4th Quarter 13 to 17 Glenn

NW Players Points Scored:
Kyle Vebber 17
Adam Coble 7
Zach Ellwood 7
Keaton Haack 5
Matt Pawlowski 5
Reed Lucas 5
Julian Sampah 2
Kyle Berger 1

Glenn Points Scored:
Williams 15
Lee 13
D. Robinson 9
Matt Hodges 3
Pegg 3
H. Robinson 3
Simmons 2
Crump 2


  1. Grimsley dudley game was a great game. whrlies outplayed em for 25 minutes and dudley went on a huge run at the end after trailing by 9 with 3 to go in the 3rd. grimsleys the 2nd best team in the metro

  2. Yea buddy GDS did there thing tonight. all u haters can shut up now saying northern is better and all that crap. GDS played up to their potential tonight and showed why they are the best team in the area.

  3. i agree that grimsley outplayed dudley for almost three quarters. the came out ready to play in this one. dudley came out absolutely flat. they didnt seem interested in the game at all. grimsley outhustled them in all aspects of the game.PJ Hairston struggled to find his shot tonight. i believe he hit three three pointers tonight. and they were all deep. he did well in his midrange game.but struggled somewhat from the free throw line. which was surprising. dont know how much the ankle affected him. the key play of this game was one of dudleys few fast break oppurtunites of the night. brennen wyatt threw what looked like a tooooo high alley oop pass.. but pj hairston went up his ladder ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP and got it and slammed it home with one hand(BEST DUNK I HAVE SEEN ALL YEAR)… he looked as if he almost touched the top of the back board… it looked like this play woke up the panthers. they went on a serious run and never looked back… grimsley look as if they were deer in headlights the last of the third quarter and the whole fourth quater….gave up their nine point lead.. and lost by 14……. great game to watch.. i have seen all the metro 4a teams play this year….. dudley is clearly the cream of the crop while grimsley and western guilford battle for second best in the conference…..

  4. Great game at GDS tonight!! Two very good teams. Northern plays really hard and really rebounds the ball. Not sure the name. but #3 and the McBeth kid were all over the glass. Frye was his usual self. All that being said, GDS suffocated the PG’s of NG and they were never able to get into offense. Balanced scoring inside and out and it was the GDS we are all used to seeing. Dorsett, Robertson, and Williams were very good and the Kleinman kid made 3 threes. Great game and atmosphere. Couldnt hear yourself think in there tonight.

  5. I agree that Dudley is the best in 4A, but in fairness to WG, how can you say that Grimsley is second best when they have lost four conference games to WG’s two? Winning the Little Four holiday tournament (Grimsley)has little meaning when you lose conference games. The next WG vs Grinsley game should be a good one.

  6. I found out tonight from Dudley AD Joe Godette that the Metro 4A conference tournament will be hosted by the top ranked team in the conference. Therefore folks get ready to come to Dudley February 15 – 19. And remember that Dudley has not lost at home in 5 years. Our last lost at home was in February 2005 to Glenn High School in the Peidmont Triad 3A conference tournament finals.

  7. I could be wrong, but wasn’t that loss by Dudley to Glenn in a tournament game that was played over at Smith that year?????

    I remember that Dudley and Glenn met again down at ECU in the East Regional Final on a Saturday afternoon and Dudley defeated Glenn in the rematch on the way to the Panthers’ State title….

    Glenn had Eric Wallace, Marshall Moses,Chris Jacobs the Singleton kid and a ton of good talent…..

    The two teams had some real good games back and forth in the late stages of that season….

  8. Daniel Downing is # 3 for NG and yes he did a good job down low against those big guys at GDS. I noticed in the game last night that GDS had two eleventh graders playing in a JV game, I can’t help but wonder how many 13th or 14th graders there might have been on the Varsity team? Even more reason they shouldn’t be mentioned in a poll with public school teams, its an unlevel playing field, so really if any public school team beats GDS it really shows that they aren’t really that good, they should kill every team they match up against.

  9. GDS played about as perfect of a game as a team could play in their 4 point win last night over Northern Guilford, which makes me wonder how good are they really? to play that good and to only win by 4 points?!?!?!?

  10. why don’t you guys just give it up? we play within the rules and that’s that! we would beat dudley if we played them just as we have done year after year. as stated before, give our coaching staff their athletes, and we would have won 10 state championships. let coach johnson have pj hairston, and you would never see 25-27 foot jump shots down 7-8 points in a game. yep, they win but to call them a team is ridiculous. they have 2 fine players who should be more involved in their offense than they are. my prediction is that pj will get lost @ unc because their system will be too much for him to get used to. count the assists and passes he makes and then think about it. give me a jon frye or a brennan wyatt with pj’s skills and i’ll show you a player with a ceiling that will astound you.
    just remember this post in 3 years!

  11. “hoopstr” – you have no idea what you are talking about with GDS. You stated “…they about as perfect of a game as a team could play..” You clearly have not seen GDS that often or their style. GDS has been coming out of a playing slump for the past 3 weeks or so. The first part of the season they were playing the way they played last night if not better just prior to the PHI tournament. The reality is that GDS is consistently a very good team that has played some bad games this game. Last night was what is normally expected from a GDS team which is why their are year in and year out one of the best.

  12. Perplexed, Grimsley Beat western the first time they played, they won the little four and led dudley in the fourth quarter in both games (with pj playing). thats why they are better.

  13. dale sounds like a another pj hater!!!!!!!!of course as their go-to guy hairston is naturally going to take more shots than anyone else. everyone has a chance to get involved in the game..without a true dominent post player on the inside at the moment and a team of mostly freshmen and sophomores hairston is one of the most expierenced players as a junior..the offense runs through him… but then again you probably have only seen them play once this year on mlk against a TOP 3 team in the nation….after your little bengals..someone has to try to keep them in a game like that….and then you say… give GDS their athletes and they win 10 state championships…. you have the ability to recruit so why not actually go get some athletes for your team????????? i dont think wyatt or hairston would be a good fit for GDS offesnseive system… they are best when they go up and down… GDS holds the ball for three minutes before they take a shot… i agree frye would be a better fit for that offense. pj is a great kid on and off the court..very coachable kid and unselfish….he will have a fine career at unc…..

  14. not a hater @ all—–great athlete, great range ( too great ), and we shall see! why is it every time someone says something that is to the point and an opinion that varies from someone else’s, it’s considered being a hater. this is like poker, “read ’em and weep”.

  15. Andy, Dudley hosted the conference tournament in 2005,not Smith. Eric Wallace was on that Glenn team. Where is he now? I never heard anymore about him after that season.

  16. It amazes me how everyone thinks GDS holds the ball and plays slow. Have you actually seen them play? They run every make and miss. Almost never walk the ball up the court. Pick up man to man in the back court. Trap all over the place. What about that sounds slow to you. What is amazing is that they are able to be successful doing this with low d1-d3 palyers. Even when they are consistently playing teams with kids recruited at a higher level. I would venture to say that no team in the area plays as fast as GDS. The first thing every coach has to deal with is their push on offense and their defensive pressure. Those kids compete at a high level. And its not just this year or last year, it is every year. I actually think this is a down year with so many new players trying to learn the system. Maybe they will get it by February. They better. Christ School is waiting in the wings.

  17. Dale,

    I don’t know you and from your posts on here you are not someone I would want to know. PJ will fit fine within the UNC offense. You are not a UNC fan either are you? Perhaps he takes shots that some would not advise, however he can and does make those shots. I guess when you play for GDS there is never a player who makes ill adivsed shots.

    Just perfect and I thought perfection is something never to be achieved.

  18. Eric Wallace is at DePaul. I was talking to Mike from HoopStars about Wallace back on Monday at the Coliseum….

    I think what happened with Dudley back in 2005 was that the remodeling of the school was under way and they were playing most of their games at UNCG, but UNCG was occupied at the Conference Tournament time and they played the game at Smith…

    I know they did that one year….Dudley returned to UNCG for a one-game sectional and that was a week night game…

    I may be wrong, but again , I don’t remember Glenn beating Dudley at Dudley….

    An interesting look back at the Road to the Championship…..

  19. On another point, I have a gut feeling that PJ Hairston will do fine at North Carolina. He still has two years of high school left to keep getting better and to improve his game and I feel like he will.

    William Graves was taking all kinds of grief at UNC and he has stepped up his game and in some ways out of necessity and he is a much better basketball player right now than he was as a freshman at North Carolina.

    Graves has improved and he is now one of the team leaders whether Coach Williams likes it or not. Will Graves has taken his game to higher level and the young man is doing OK for himself…..UNC might be doing bad, but Graves is doing real good…

    It seems like in college it takes some players a while to adjust to the college game and with the adjustments come change. Ty Lawson had to learn how to play defense at North Carolina and he played very little “D” back in high school at Oak Hill…He had to adjust his game and he had to learn when to give the ball up and to set up his teammates and he did that too and this all helped to result in a National Championship for the Heels…

    Graves has changed his game and PJ will be able to do the same if necessary and it will be necessary…No high school player coming to college owns the game anymore. John Wall is doing a lot, but he is one and done.

    Who knows, maybe PJ doesn’t end up at North Carolina, but wherever he goes, I feel he will do well, because he works hard and he is willing to push himself toward the next level. I don’t think he will get lost in the shuffle…..He will be fine, at least that is my feeling, for what it is worth….

    Speaking of shuffling, Zach Maynard(formerly of Buffalo U) and Keenan Allen are visiting Clemson as a team this weekend and their mom is telling the Clemson message boards that she wouldn’t mind seeing her sons as Clemson Tigers…….

  20. PJ is a terrific player who plays hard and will have a good career @ UNC. I am really impressed by his game. However, if he was in the system @ GDS, wow would that be something. With his ability, his hustle and his desire to win alongside the assistants on Coach Johnsons staff, now that would be something to see. I watch Dudley play and I don’t see team movement or a strong desire to play defense. I look at GDS and I see what it takes to win.

    Best of luck to PJ and to all the young men playing in this area.

  21. If he was in a system anywhere, that would be something to watch. there is talent being wasted @ dudley because there is no system. if they played and ran actual plays, they would be unbeatable. it is funny to me that pj can go 2 for 13 and make a 28 foot jump shot and then beat his chest. LOL!!!!!!

  22. @horatio

    Most every year I would agree with you, however, I have seen Dudley play 4 or 5 times and they are actually running stuff on offense to get PJ shots. I think they have run more stuff this year than ever before. Maybe it’s because they have a PG that gets them into their stuff. They still have terrible habits on D. Although I think this Dudley team plays harder and therefore better D than most in the past. I am a big GDS fan,, but not sure this would be their year against Dudley. I like their makeup. DIllard and Wyatt play hard and are good 2nd options on offense.

  23. Why is PJ always the topic of all conversations? Let the kid play ball. He is doing what his coaches are asking him to do. He is working hard off the court to get stronger in his handle and mid range game. Give the kid a break. If I were one of the top players in the country I would beat my chest too! PJ is a very humble kid and does not deserve the ridicule that he get s from some in this community. I know he is a target because he is committed to UNC but come on folks he will representing our city so we should all be rooting for him instead of against him! He was the first to be offered a scholarship to UNC in the 2011 class and is highly regarded throughout the recruiting world. Stop being so negative because at the end of the day you are talking bad about a child. I know his family personally and I can say they have done an awesome job keeping him grounded and focused with all the attention that is being thrown his way.

  24. more investigation, Amos. we know that he had a ficticious address his freshman year—-don’t be so high and mighty—–

  25. Ignorance is what still needs to be investigated. You and all the other idiots should be smart enough to know that PJ and his family are investigated thouroghly at the beginning of every season beacause of anonymous tips. Don’t you think if he has been going to Dudley ficticiously for 3 years now somebody would have been smart enough to figure it out. How sad and pathetic.

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