New high school polls are in/out

Here are our new polls for this week and we continue the elimination process where one team falls out each week…Let’s see who is in and who is out for this week and we have included the conference records this week, based on our research from…

We will try and add these numbers each week and we will also make the attempt to display the conference standings at another post here on the site later today. This will continue to get interesting as the season cranks up to a higher/hotter level..

Girls poll:
1)High Point Central(13-1/4-1)
2)TIE:Eastern Guilford(15-1/7-0) Dudley(12-4/4-1)
6)Northern Guilford(12-4/5-2)
7)Northwest Guilford(12-5/5-1)
8 Southeast Guilford(10-6/4-2)
9)Southwest Guilford(10-6/3-1)
10)Western Guilford(11-8/2-3)
13)Northeast Guilford(8-9/2-2)
14)Southern Guilford(6-10/2-2)

Boys poll:
2)Northern Guilford(14-1/5-0)
3)Greensboro Day School(20-5/1-1)
4)Western Guilford(11-4/4-2)
8 Eastern Guilford(10-5/4-1)
9)Northeast Guilford(8-9/2-2)
11)High Andrews(5-4/1-0)
12)Northwest Guilford(7-11/4-2)
13)High Point Central(6-7/3-2)
14)Southern Guilford(6-10/0-3)


  1. So where are all the bashers of Dudley! I figured there would be 89 messages already about how Northern only has one loss but Dudley has 5. And that Northern should be #1! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! And btw, if this is a county wide public and private school poll, then where is Westchester (didn’t I see in the paper the other day that they beat GDS by a bucket), so at worst they should be right behind GDS in this poll! Anybody!

  2. LOL, Andy you are so full of S&@$. Westchester
    beat GDS and you still did not add them to your poll
    I know Freddy is your boy but I have to question your
    integrity. They where good last year and better
    this year. You need to have a public school poll
    and a private school poll for your boy Freddy.
    How much is your kick back for adding them in your
    poll? Respect the kids that is putting in the same hard
    work as GDS kids. they deserve to see there names here as well.
    Level the playing field for everybody.

  3. Andy,
    I cannot help but agree with the above point. Quite honestly, if Western Guilford is the #4 team, then the basketball community is really hurting.
    Thomas ( not Tom )

  4. These polls are like gold and I’m not talking fools gold either.

    We are dropping teams and not adding teams at this stage of the season and we will be looking closely at Westchester and Oak Ridge and even Caldwell, HPCA and HPW at the start of next season.

    On another note, you do have one good point. The chicken and dumplings with mashed potatoes at the Cracker Barrell do have a tendency to leave the belly a little tight…..

  5. Maybe ya’ll don’t realize this, but this poll doesn’t mean ANYTHING!!! So quit whining and just play ball!

  6. I don’t think people are understanding your poll. I may not either.

    Once a team is dropped they are gone and no new teams will be added. Is this correct?
    Dropping a team each week getting down to only 1; Regardless of what happens. Is this only for reg season or playoffs too?

  7. If 2 polls are done, 1 should be public schools that have attendance zones and the other for private schools along with the “Academy” schools that have no attendance zones.

  8. Still hurting over that loss on Wed. ’77?? Even without PJ playing, WG would still lose 9 out of 10 times.

  9. wow…….. Western Guilford is playing and winning so what we all know dudley is an awsome team but damn do Western Guilford get some props so what are they the under dog or something what they win by luck or do they have some good players on there team????????? You know what WG has a good team and a good coach lets see if they beat page tonight. then what they should of beat Grimsley the 1st time but they probley will beat them the 2nd time around now dudley thats a different story but you never know. Damn there number 2 for a reason. HATERS

  10. LOL well they won WG beat page and there still #2 give that team there respect. I always read about all the other teams in the area but never any support for WG just talking trash about Reggie Perkins or something Negative about Antwan Wilkerson but both boys are putting numbers on the board. Let both boys have a good game at the same time and play as a team then they may give dudley a good game. I guess they are still proving who they are and what they can do as a team……..

  11. Westchester vs. HP Christian game was terrific. And, WOW what a crowd and atmosphere. While I am thrilled that WCDS won, Mitch Oates put on a show and it was fun to watch. How in the world you do not have WCDS, at 16-1 against a pretty good schedule rated at least 3rd in your poll is a question.

    Congratulations to Coach Johnson on a great win. GDS is a strong team that could give every other team around a lesson on defense.

  12. It seems you are a private school coaches and team fan and therefore a fan of programs with rules, but limited rules @ best. And, might I add, no attendabce lines!!!!!!

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