CiCi’s Pizza NFL picks contest results for NFC/AFC title games

We went with the total passing yards for Brees and Farve combined and we had six out of twenty contestants going for the Pizza and we had four of the six go over the total passing yardage for the two QB’s, but Chuckyd came out the winner and April Brown nearly pulled off the biggest upset in professional sports history, as she used the “Price is Right” theory, indoctrinated by Robert $ Barker many years ago and she went with the 1-yard and a pile of pepperonis approach and she almost pulled it off…..

Here is how the yardstick(507 Total Yards Combined) stacked up with our fianlist:
James 576 yards(Over)
Ross 575 yards(Over)
Kevin 552 yards(Over)
Mick 540 yards(Over)
Chuckyd 460 yards(Winner)
April Brown 1 yard(Most Creative)


  1. wow i cant believe it i luv that cicis that was a good idea by april maybe she will win next week

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