HS hoops tonight with Smith at Dudley, EG at NG and Grimsley at WG…

Some biggies tonight with the Smith at Dudley game and the girls game in this one might be a treat to watch to see if Smith can make a run at Dudley in the Dudley gym and then there’s the Eastern Guilford girls at Northern with the EG Wildcats coming off of a loss to SWG and can the ‘Cats bounce back in what may well be the CONFERENCE TITLE on the line this evening and you have Grimsley at WG with the Western boys fresh off of a win at Page back on Friday night and if WG tops Grimsley, the Hornets may be in line to take 2nd place in the Metro 4-A Conference and Dudley would remain alone at the top, ’cause there no way that Western could beat Dudley at WG is there?????

The Grimsley boys beat WG at Grimsley earlier in the season in a close one and the WG girls topped the Whirlies…..EG’s girls defeated NG at Eastern, but can they handle the pressure at the Nighthawk’s Nest and the Dudley girls slipped past the Golden Eagles at Smith and do the Eagles pose a threat to the Panthers in the DEN????

The SWG at NWG girls game should be a barn-burner too with Lovette and Lawrence coming into the Bennett Building with Gretchen, Hunter and Hannah all ready for the Cowgirls and in reality, Hunter won’t be on the court, but he should be in the stands and NWG is your favorite and let’s see if SWG has more upsets in their system….

Also this evening in a game outside our county school’s hot stove area, there’s HP Wesleyan and the Leeks at HP Christian with Mitchell Oates and this should make for fine private school battle with the Cougars hosting the Trojans…..

The full house lineup:
Smith at Dudley
Grimsley at Western Guilford
Eastern Guilford at Northern Guilford
Ragsdale at East Forsyth
Southern Alamance at SEG
High Point Andrews at Wheatmore
HP Wesleyan at HP Christian
Calvary Baptist at Caldwell Academy


  1. The EG/NG boys game last time was a wild one as well with NG sneaking away with a 68-65 win. What are the odds the rematch is as crazy as the first matchup?

  2. If I remember correctly EG was unbeaten going into that game and so was NG and do you think EG has improved since then or are they playing at a lower level?????

    EG boys were on a roll at the start of the season……

  3. Our Nighthawks girls should beat Eastern Guilford girls by at 35 point tonight. Our boys should win by 27.

    Dudley momma, I know your Panthers and Pantherettes do not want any of this action.

  4. andy,
    EG just came off a big win over southwest and i think the cats can pull it out tonight @ NG if dawkins is hitting!! Huffman will cotrol the tempo of this game and the cats will come out on top!!!

  5. EG

    We have a lot of college prospects with Coffer, Molly and Kelly and plus they have experience from playing a lot of AAU ball. So that alone gives us the advantage.

  6. Haha typical conceited Northern fan. Eg girls aren’t scared of northern. They have already killed them once and they will do it again

  7. Dudley Momma,

    Question? Did I miss it but have Dudley honored last year State Title in front of the home crowd this year? I was looking for the State Title Banner the last time i was in the gym?

  8. Cats

    We are loaded with talent on our Nighthawks team. We got Sam, Molly and Kelly that have colleges watching every move they make. No other team in the area can make that claim. Not even Dudley!

  9. spending money on trips out of state for the boys to go and get slapped around. money will be available after next round of teacher cutbacks.

  10. Casual

    Who yall got that can hang with the best trio Cofer, Molly and Kelly on you alls team at Dudley? They are fundamentally sound that know the game.

  11. I wouldn’t be thinking Dudley is just going to run all over our girls team. We have Wilkerson, Debose, Greer, Gibson and a lot more. Don’t be surprise if we don’t slap yall around1

  12. ng fan,
    we have two gaurds if you are not aware that have already reached 1000 points this season, junior gaurd jenkins has alredy been offered a full ride to east tenn state and has the ACC calling to and i dont think yall have that..Smalls the other gaurd is being looked at by stoney brook and other D-1 colleges…so sorry to spoil that for you

  13. EG boys fan,

    Huffman is my main man with the wild hair and the hands on shoes to keep them dry. I hope that kid has a great game tonight and he should be able to match up OK with Chandler and Ross from NG, but watch out for Ross, he is flying these days at PG….

    What about Adam Gunn? Haven’t seen him in the box scores much lately. I know he hurt his foot and had to come out of the Southern game. Is he back? Radcliffe, Hairston, Dawkins, Huffman will sure have to step up tonight because NG is a tough out in their own gym. Frye and Berry know every hot spot on that floor.

    NG-EG girls game will be a war……Whoever controls the backcourt will win….It all starts in the backcourt. X-Factors might be Hayes and Johnson for NG and Crosby/Jamison for EG……..

    Similar conditions for NWG-SWG….Bennett and McIntosh are two of the best around and Lovette and Lawrence on SWG are two Cowgirls that have been on target….

  14. First of all, I really don’t think NG Fan is any fan of NG.
    Making comments that Dudley doesn’t have colleges going after them is ridiculous! They are known to send their players off to D1 or D2 schools. Breonna Patterson committed to UNCG, Desiree Drayton UNCC, Amanda Hairston is still shifting thru D1-D2 offers. When you win state titles, colleges will be looking at that program. Our NG girls have colleges recruiting Samantha Coffer, Vontreece Hayes, Jessica Johnson, and Molly Tamesub. I believe Kelly Tessitore will be playing soccer at the next level. Our Guilford County girls are filled with recruits and are not just limited to Dudley or NG.

    Also our girls are not going into tonights game with a chip on their shoulder thinking they have this game in the bag. It will be 32 min of hard work and smart playing. The last game, NG was up most of the game and ended up losing by 18. The girls will be ready to play tonight. Good luck to both teams as this will be a good one!

  15. NG FAN……..

    I see you never responded to my statement about Dudley beating NG on their way to a State title? What has changed so much in one year? I think the ladies of Dudley can flash rings. NG FAN i’m talking to you and you only. It seems as if NG focus or you focus in on NG would beat Dudley this year where as Dudley focus is winning another State Title. In the grand scheme of things if the two played today and NG won by 50 but Dudley went on to win the State title how many people 5 years from now would remember NG beat Dudley?

  16. So what does the ring mean? It’s just a piece of jewelry that they will probably lose, unless their lives are really empty and this is “as good as it gets”!!!!!

  17. What do the rings mean? The ring represents success, memories, sacrafice, hard work, bonds, friendships, discipline. I can go on and on.

    I’ve accomplished a lot in my life on this earth and yet i’m still proud of championships that me and my teammates won in High School and in College.

    Mr. Willis I don’t know about you but as for me and I’m sure Student-Athletes of NG, Dudley, Smith, Page is to finish in 1st when the season is over. I mean really why go through all of the conditioning, the pain, blood, tears just to say I would like to finish some place other than 1st?

  18. I was reading a post a month ago about how page and western would be middlle to bottom teams in the conference..Today Western Guilford is in second place, 5-2 in the conf, and page is in 3rd place 4-3 in the conf, tied with smith..Grimsley is 3-4 and if the playoffs were today, they would not be in unless the win the tournament…

    Also, they said WG couldnt win, scoring around 60 pts per game…wrong again, 13-4…

    That’s why we play the games…..

    I guess like a previous poster stated, they just need time to jell !

  19. I agree with you about finishing 1st, it’s the significance of a ring. many of us have accomplished a lot, sans rings, so my point is rings are insignificant. Do you think Ragsdale is any less proud of their season just because they did not win a ring? Just a thought?

  20. andy,
    Gunn hurt his right ankle vs souther and came back and played vs western alamance and eastern alamance but he sprined his left ankle in the forth of that game and will not be playing but they got a new guy back named Jonothen White that is awhole lot quicker then Gunn but not as good of a shooter.

    But dont forget about Gaddy down low he is coming off a great game vs SW.

  21. To western fan yall have done a great job this year. and your comment about the playoffs even if they did start today grimsley would still get in as a wild card. if you think theyre 5th best in the conference your crazy. there is still alot of ball to be played

  22. Why would anyone be worrying about a ring?

    Your experiences/adventures on this web site/blog alone, are much more valuable than any ring……


  23. Get Real,
    I don’t think anyone who puts on a uniform expects to lose when they step on the floor. If they felt this way, I wouldn’t want them on my team. I also don’t think you are a complete failure if you don’t bring home a ring. You can have the best coach, the best practices, the best facilities, and a bunch of hardworking, dedicated athletes and a lot of teams like this will NOT be state champion contenders. So why put forth the effort? You sound like so many of the kids in high school, that just don’t “GET IT.” I’m a Coach at the high school level and while I agree with you that WINNING is important and I always give my best effort to help my team get the W, that YOUR MEMORIES and Values don’t come just from winning a ring. I would much rather my players learn values that will help them later in life, that may help them save their marriage, be able to hold a job, not beat their wives and children, be able to deal with everyday life as a responsible citizen, graduate college….etc If we win a ring a long the way – GREAT! If not, so be it. While a ring Does represent all that you mentioned above, so do yearbooks, pictures, and T-shirts. 8 teams will take home rings, so I guess the rest of the thousands of athletes in NC are failures and the ones who have sub 500 records should quit sports forever. Just how many athletes in Guilford County will play at the next level D1 or other…..MORE Won’t than will. I’m not trying to be the guy that says “everyone gets to play b/c you’re a good person, or everyone gets a chance.” I make cuts, don’t play the ones that aren’t cutting it and hate that crap that our Rec leagues have went to. But to ask the question why try? Are you Serious? I’m sure each of us has our memories, but we all don’t have to post examples of our GLORY DAYS to get a point across.

  24. Well first of all I never stated that life lessons cannot be learned only with winning a Champoinship. My point is that someone stated why is a ring important? I explained to them why a ring was important. Some teams go into a season with the expecation of competing for a title.

  25. I’m not on here nor do I need this board to validate me or live my glory days over again. You don’t have to preach to me about you wanting a young man or young woman to be a productive citizen more than winning a ring. I was just simply stating that people dream and have aspirations to finish first. Like I stated i’ve accomplished a lot on and off the football field. I’ve help raise and give hope to many young men and women who wanted a better way. When I speak to kids the first thing I stress to them is the importance of Education, the importance of being a good citizen and cheerish the memories you have. No a ring does not complete a person but like
    I said it is a represenatin of hard work. Coming out of College you think my company wanted to hear that i felt like i was the 2nd best person for the position or the best person for the position? ARE YOU SERIOUS I would really like to conversate with you via e-mail because dude you have me all wrong or you are just misunderstanding my point. Let’s take about it!

  26. Well…well…well…I think all in all, last night Northern Guilford was a great place to be if you enjoyed watching good basketball. The LadyCats prevailed in a hard fought game that gave them the edge in the conference race. However, the loss of Karima Jackson and Keyirra Purcell for the season due to disiplinary reasons will have to be overcome. It was a physical game, especially for Capricia Smalls, who proved her tenacity by sinking a key free throw to put the game out of reach in the final seconds. Northern Guilford has a strong team and, like the Wildcats, should go far in the playoffs.

    As for the men’s game…it too was a hard fought contest. The Wildcats should take a lesson to heart and know that as long as they play team ball, they should have success. However, if they go back to centering their offense around one player, they will falter. The addition of White to the Wildcats has added some much needed depth to thier guard situation with Adam Gunn hendered by ankle sprains. But word is, he should be close to 100% by tournament time and the run in the playoffs. As long as the Wildcats keep their heads about them, they could make some loud roars by then.

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