HS hoops tonight for Wednesday 1/27/2010

Here are the games we know of already for tonight and we will be checking on and adding others:

Page at North Davidson
Eastern Guilford at McMichael
Southern Guilford at Central Davidson
High Point Central at West Forsyth


  1. Sounds good. I thought they were making up the game when EG was supposed to go up to McMichael and the game was postponed because of weather conflicts up around 220 North near McMichael and the Virginia border.

    I hope the EG cheerleader that bruised her tailbone/hip last night is OK. It had to painful for her to sit through the game with an icepack on her hip area…..Ouch and let’s hope her tailbone is alright today.

    My informer on the game being tonight with EG-McMichael was the Wildcat boys videographer/cameraman……He was the man doing the detailing as he used to do for the Page Pirates in a previous life…….

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