Another day another basketball poll or two or three

Guilford County Poll from few of their records were off so we have just listed the current poll of standings for you…..)
1 Dudley (Greensboro, NC)
2 Greensboro Day (Greensboro, NC)
3 Oak Ridge Military Academy (Oak Ridge, NC)
4 Grimsley (Greensboro, NC)
5 Northern Guilford (Greensboro, NC)
6 Western Guilford (Greensboro, NC)
7 Andrews (High Point, NC)
8 Northeast Guilford (McLeansville, NC)
9 Smith (Greensboro, NC)
10 Page (Greensboro, NC)
11 High Point Central (High Point, NC)
12 Eastern Guilford (Gibsonville, NC)
13 Northwest Guilford (Greensboro, NC)
14 Ragsdale (Jamestown, NC)
15 Southeast Guilford (Greensboro, NC)
16 Southern Guilford (Greensboro, NC)

State-wide poll from Here
North Carolina High School Basketball Rankings List

1 Christ (Arden, NC) NC 25-1/8-0
2 Hopewell (Huntersville, NC) NC 18-0/7-0
3 Quality Education Academy (Winston-Salem, NC) NC 18-5
4 Charlotte Christian (Charlotte, NC) NC 19-3/2-0
5 Lake Norman (Mooresville, NC) NC 15-1/7-1
6 Word of God Christian Academy (Raleigh, NC) NC 9-3/2-1
7 South Central (Winterville, NC) NC 16-1/7-1
8 Kinston (NC) NC 12-3/5-0
9 Vance (Charlotte, NC) NC 13-5/5-3
10 Riverside (Durham, NC) NC 17-2 7-0
11 United Faith Christian Academy (Charlotte, NC) NC 15-4/3-0
12 Dudley (Greensboro, NC) NC 13-6/8-0
13 Macdonald Academy (Red Springs, NC) NC 13-8/1-1
14 Enloe (Raleigh, NC) NC 15-3/6-2
15 Ravenscroft (Raleigh, NC) NC 16-4/2-0
16 West Charlotte (Charlotte, NC) NC 13-6 3-4
17 Sanford (Fayetteville, NC) NC 16-0/7-0
18 Wakefield (Raleigh, NC) NC 14-4/5-2
19 Reagan (Pfafftown, NC) NC 11-2/4-0
20 Westchester Academy (High Point, NC) NC 17-0/5-0
21 Trinity Christian (Fayetteville, NC) NC 16-5/2-1
22 Millbrook (Raleigh, NC) NC 12-3/5-1
23 Rocky Mount (NC) NC 14-1/5-0
24 Charis Prep (Goldsboro, NC) NC 5-1/0-0
25 Hickory (NC) NC 13-2/5-0

Girls state-wide poll from MaxPreps:
1. East Mecklenburg (Charlotte, NC) 18-1/8-0
2. McDowell (Marion, NC) 17-0/7-0
3. Butler (Matthews, NC) 12-3/6-1
4. Green Hope (Cary, NC) 18-0/11-0
5. Forestview (Gastonia, NC) 13-2/6-0
6. Dudley (Greensboro, NC) 11-4/5-1
7. Salisbury (NC) 15-0/4-0
8. Northern Durham (Durham, NC) 13-2/6-1
9. Athens Drive (Raleigh, NC) 13-3/8-2
10. High Point Central (High Point, NC) 14-1/4-1


  1. Andy,

    Not really complaining about your boys polls, looks legit…but still dont understand how Ragsdale is behind NW…those should flip flop in the polls..they are in the same conference…Ragsdale in first….NW in the middle or near the bottom and Ragsdale has played NW twice, with a win by Ragsdale on a nuetral site and a win by Ragsdale at NW. Hard to have any reason to think Ragsdale should be behind NW, but i am open to listen to why?

  2. This poll is from and they might be a game or two behind and that is why I didn’t print the records that they had…

    Interesting poll and and they did include ORMA and no Westchester and maybe no WCD since they are in Davidson County. No HPW or HPCA either and they left out SWG….

    I should have my new poll up tomorrow and Ragsdale will be ahead of NWG as they were in my last week’s poll.

    If my numbers serve me correct, Ragsdale and High Point Central are tied for the Conference lead at (5-2) in the boy’s standings….

    Ragsdale ahead of NWG right now and be sure to check in with us tomorrow….

  3. thanks Andy, i was just wondering….and i think your right..i think they are tied with Central, but Ragsdale lost to Central at Central so they have the tie breaker right now.

  4. So Westchester is 7 feet outside the county line and we do not count them. Just curious as to where they would be in your poll if we did count them. 18-1 and won a tough game AT Northside last night.

  5. Max Preps is different than that of NC preps. NC preps is a coaches poll, while Max Preps is mathematically based.
    They consider wins losses, and strength of schedule inclusive of conference and non conference.

    Not sure who Ragsdale played or NW out of conference..who they beat and who they loss to

  6. rcristal

    Max Preps is not a subjective poll. No human input. Sraight numbers. If the school is in a particular County then that is where it is.

    In addition, coaches have to report scores…..again a straight statiscal poll…strength of schedule a biggie

  7. To Account & Question
    Maxprep now has RHS ranked higher than NW. Ranking is as of 1/28/10. I suspect the above was before the update. NW lost their last game while RHS won. Their records and schedule are so close that one game swing makes a difference.

    If you look at the rankings this morning,8, 9 &10 are not in the same order any longer.

    The other problem is not all teams report all games. That is why you see some teams ranked higher by maxpreps than what is in’s poll. All losses (or wins) are not posted

  8. ncpreps poll is not a coaches poll….I worked there for 7 years…it is the staff and a several sports writers throughout the state.

    you can see the boys poll on the site

  9. Interesting poll your best team can only beat teams in Guilford County. What were they (1-2) in florida and have lost in Va twice. Then they get beat by Kinston. speaks alot for Guilford County Bball. Cant wait to see your best come down to mecklenberg county and play some our best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Watcher- Your teams woudl not have beat the teams Dudley saw in Florida…City of Palms is the largest Christmas tournament in the country with some of the best teams in the nation, so don’t get too excited. All the teams they have lost to have been great teams and not making any excuses, but the team is young and had some breakdowns in some of thes game. I think we will be just fine come the end of Feb and through March, which is really the time you want to be winning! In case you don’t know…Dudley will have home court for playoffs and the tournament is being played in GSO Coliseum…so we will see you in Guilford County!

  11. I’ll go ahead and put money on it. Those wack ass I-Meck teams will fold in the sectinal playoffs except for maybe Hopewell and they have gotten lucky a few times which doesn’t say much for them. Dudley has played the toughest scheddy in the state hands down. Lake Norman would lose to most of the teams Dudley has faced. Yep, regionals run through the Gate City baby!

  12. There are @least 5 teams in the west that will beat Dudley and 2 in the east. You guys will roll through Guilford county this year, but the overall level of basketball there is the weakest I have seen it in years. Once you put in your new 2.0 requirement, it will be worse—especially if you don’t cheat and comply with your “Play Fair” gimmick. There will be schools and teachers who give out grades to keep people eligible. You can mark my words. That will be the next great GCS scandal, and people will be aghast!

  13. It’s easy to hate a program when they are on top.

    Dudley has already survived 2 of GCS’ biggest scandals; how soon we forget. We survived 2002 where they tried to make the football team forfeit the entire seaso and we came out clean on last year’s investigation. Kids are going to school making the grades; several play football and basketball. Some are in band, some are on the step team. Most of the greats of years past have gone pro in somethiing other than sports. Former basketballer and c/o ’97 Valedictorian Charles Goodman has completed a doctorate degree and has his own ministry. ‘Super Mario’ Pressley is headed to the Super Bowl. Coach Crosby has one the top wrestling programs in the state right now; Coach B. has the girls on track for another run at a state title for basketball; baseball looks good, track looks good. Davis ball is year round………….football should be scary good next yr.

    Can’t get much better than that!

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