Send us your snowball fight photos, sled wrecks, people rolling down the hill, snow forts falling etc…..

The TV stations are calling for you to send in those on-line photos of your dog walking in the snow or your kids playing in the snow or neighbors pulling each other nicely around the yard on a new sled….

How about some good old snowball fights, or your older brother holding your neighbor down in the snow face-first, till he gets blue in the face and then there’s the photo of some overweight kid rolling down the hill and ending up in the creek, or a real live sled- wreck that gets the kids on your street talking or the the big bullies that destroyed your snow fort, that you had been working all morning, or the snowman that the guy who lives around the corner from you tore down and then laughed at you while he walking back to his shed……

Send us these photos if you’ve got them and then we can print them and let everyone know what’s really going on in your neighborhood……..

Just send them to…..Again, that’s and address them to our webmaster, Don Moore………………………..