When do you think they will play again?????

As Don is reporting and you are reading about it, there will be no school on Monday and therefore, No Games on Monday…..

When do you think they will play again?????

Back to school on a two-hour delay and then games after school on Tuesday or do you tinink it will be a two-hour delay on Wednesday after no school on Tuesday and then games get going again on Wednesday???

Page at Grimsley is already set for Wednesday, after originally being scheduled for last Friday and then it was pushed back to Monday and now it will kick in on Wednesday….

High Point Central-Grimsley was on the original schedule for this Wednesday, but now with all the inclement weather and school closings, non-conference games will start to bite the bullet and they will be lost in favor of Conference make-up games…..

When will they play again?????? With the shape of the seconday roads, is our best bet set for Wednesday?????


  1. I don’t know how GCS determines when to go back or when to cancel. On Friday, they closed 2 hours early without a single flake on the ground. But I recall numerous times when I returned to school on my own to pick my kids up because GCS took too long to cancel. My neighborhood and all the surrounding streets are mostly in the shade. Therefore, it is one big sheet of ice. Don’t even think about coming to a complete stop at stop signs that are on a hill! I can’t imagine all this melting and not refreezing tonight. So I can’t see the kids going to school Tuesday. Then again GCS has always used some other sort of standards. The Bryan, Spears, & Ragsdale Y’s will probably be off the chain today and tomorrow as all the baby ballers come out to keep their skills sharp!

  2. Looking at my streets…. mostly shaded, very hilly…. no school Tuesday with 2-3 hour delay on wednesday.

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