Is it a good thing to be a good player on a bad team? It was a COLD night last evening in Chapel Hill!

Will(William) Graves, I’m asking you a question today, “is it a good thing, to be a good player, on a BAD team?????”

I am asking everyone that same question……Is it a good thing, to be a good player, on a bad team?

North Carolina got killed by Virginia last night, in Chapel Hill of all places and you have to wonder how this is registering with Will Graves(Dudley HS), as his junior season goes on and his team falls further in the conference standings and falls out of the national rankings completely.

If you are Will Graves or another UNC Tar Heel player that is actually making strides this season, can you take any solace that your game is improving while, your team is embroiled in a landslide/mudslide??????

Is there anything good at all that is going to come of this? Will it be good for Will to come home to Greensboro for the ACC Tournament, with his team mired in last place? Say your team is dead last, but you lead the squad in scoring, is that still a good day at the office?????

What do you make of this and where do you see it all going? It’s like the story of the year in the conferecne is, North Carolina going down the tubes and what else is causing a stir????? Who’s in first? Who’s on first? Who’s in last? North Carolina is close and that is where the stir is…….

I wouldn’t want to be headed to a North Carolina men’s basketball practice today if I were Will Graves and his Tar Heel teammates……

Oh and by the way(BTW), there was the game in Chapel Hill last night and the other league action from Sunday…..Your thoughts on the whole ball of wax.

Cavaliers Post 75-60 Win at North Carolina

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (AP) – Sylven Landesberg scored 29 points and Virginia ran off 18 unanswered points early in the second half to beat struggling North Carolina 75-60 on Sunday night.

Sammy Zeglinski added 19 points for the Cavaliers (13-6, 4-2 Atlantic Coast Conference), who regrouped from consecutive losses to earn another impressive victory under first-year coach Tony Bennett. Virginia had lost 63 of 68 meetings in Chapel Hill, but blew the game open by holding the Tar Heels without a field goal for nearly 8 minutes in front of a stunned Smith Center crowd. v While Landesberg led the offense, Zeglinski knocked down a pair of 3-pointers during the decisive run, which turned a 35-32 margin into a 21-point lead with 14:20 to play.

Also from Sunday:
Men’s Hoop Finals
Miami 82, Virginia Tech 75
Coral Gables, Fla.

Clemson 62, Maryland 53
Clemson, S.C.


  1. Carolina is mired in a slump, or maybe they are not very good ( at least in relative terms). I know Graves is a local guy, but carolina is in for a rough run for the next two years if he, in fact, is their leader. He is a very inconsistent player for whatever the reasons. The measure of his leadershp role or importance to he team , in my opiion, is that UNC could perform at their current level without him, but they would be much worse off if Thompson or Davis were to be lost for the remainder of the season. IF they do not “pick up the pace”, they could be one of the few ( maybe only) teams/team to win the NCAA men’s b’ball championship and then not even make the field the following season.
    Think about that and the bruised egos in UNCdom.

  2. You know yesterday looked like the fluke game of the year. Kentucky, Texas, and Syracuse are better teams. Clemson, Charleston, and Wake played inspired basketball. Georgia Tech regardless of the first half should have lost so we definitely owe them one. Yesterday, we could not buy a basket or a call yesterday. The referees were not the reason for the loss but they were the difference between a 4-6 point loss and the 15-point beating we received (How about that “goaltend”). Maybe I’m wrong and we come out cold like this for lot of games in the future, but if you ask me, the rest of the season is a toss-up. Winning against Duke seems improbable right now but I thought that we were going to lose to State last week and we all saw how that panned out. I will not give up on this team regardless of what happens the rest of the season. And it is a 1-year thing. You will not see this again for a while.

  3. Carolina will be lucky to make the NCAA tournament. They are very likely to lose 15 games.

  4. The issue this year is not whether the kids can play in Roy Williams system at the ACC level but instead whether Old Roy can actually coach !! Now that he has the same type of players that the majority of the ACC has we will find out the answer to this question. If Roy does not adopt his game sets to the actual team that he has instead of the team that he thought he had, then we will know the answer in about 3 weeks. A good coach will keep the peace and not let the kids get to down about the situation. A great coach will adopt and put in a system that can still win with the talent in place. This is exactly what coach K at Duke did last year.

  5. Man…..what a relief. I figured they had cancelled everything mid season since you guys hadn’t updated in a few days. Thanks letting us know the score.

    What did Roy say at his press conference?

  6. I said it two weeks ago! They will not make the NCAA tournament. Deal with it Heels fans. What can you expect when you lose that kind of firepower and the backups didn’t get a lot of time, i.e. Drew and Graves. And as a matter of fact Davis didn’t get alot of time either last year. Ginyard and Thompson were also just average role players the past few years too. This all adds up to mediocrity!!!!!!

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