NWG moves signing day to Friday

This word from the Northwest Guilford Viking athletic department:

Our signing ceremony for our athletes will be tentatively rescheduled for Friday,
2/5 at 3pm in the media center.

Athletes are:
Vedad Ahmetovic(Mt. Olive) men’s soccer
Cristian Alphonso(North Carolina) men’s soccer
Lauren Lover(UNCG) women’s soccer
Jennifer MCGorty(Elon) women’s soccer


  1. Suprised you don’t have it up yet but NR reports Allen signs with Cal along with King, McCain and his brother Zach.

  2. Trying to get that one finished up. Workign on it as we write and should be up in less than 5 minutes….

  3. hey, don’t get so uptight just because all your signings are for soccer. Tells me all I need to know about the state of athletics @NWG!!

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