Signing Day signees and destinations for their National Letters of intent

*****We hope to have more of the signees up here on the site later this afternoon and if you have heard of additional signing news please send it along our way and CONGRATULATIONS to all the young men who signed today.*****

Keenan Allen(Northern Guilford)-CAL
Zach Maynard(Grimsley HS/Buffalo U)-CAL
Christian McCain(CCSA/ORMA)-CAL
Gabe King(South Eugene HS…Eugene, Oregon)-CAL
James Scales III(CCSA)-Oregon
David Amerson(Dudley)-N.C. State
Quan Stevenson(High Point Andrews)-Duke
John Spain(Page)-Elon
Akeem Langham(High Point Central)-Elon
Walt Sparks(Ragsdale)-Richmond
Aaron Jones(Western Guilford)-Coastal Carolina
Jabri Ridenhour(Western Guilford)-Presbyterian
Kasey Redfern(Ragsdale)-Wofford
Cedric Ellison(Ragsdale)-Wingate
Daniel McNeil(Ragsdale)-N.C. A&T
Major Bryant(Dudley)-N.C. A&T
Jamie Smith(HP Andrews)-N.C. A&T
Matt Ferris(Northern Guilford)-Catawba
Zach Anderson(Northern Guilford)-Wingate
from Northeast Guilford courtesy of the News and Record web site at This Click:
Rayshawn Trader, football, Western Carolina
Trey Ingram, football, Catawba
Demetrius Phillips, football, Virginia Military Institute
Darius White, football, Brevard College
Cameron Parker, football, Averett College
Tyler Fairley, football, Western Carolina (preferred walk-on)


  1. Getting repeated reports that Coach ‘O’ will join the Cal staff. Cannot confirm. This happens a lot in basketball.

  2. Four kids going to Cal. Great school. They better be ready for the academics. Cal is right up there with Harvard, Yale, Stanford, etc… This is great opportunity for these kids. Pac 10 football and a world class education. Congrats!

  3. Congrats!!!!
    Looks like this was a package deal from the get go.
    Cal wanted Keenan I get that part, so in turn they offer
    his brother, freinds and Coach O a place on the team as well.
    Any word on Keenan’s cousin getting in the action??
    This whole deal is whacked. I guess the other teams didn’t have enough
    scholerships or coaching positions to go around.
    ol’ bawl coach you got it right, you seen it comming too.
    Any word on Roscoe joining the Cal staff???

  4. Good luck to kids and to Coach O. The kids have worked and deserve some love from you guys and Coach O got them headed in a positive direction and all of the kids parents are thankful for that….

    If the parents are happy and the kids have a chance to go to college and get their degree, then I say good. It’s not about where we want these kids to go to school it is about what their parents want and if they are satisfied and they are pleased with the fact that kids get the opportunities then it should be good luck to all and we wish you the best in your future endeavors….

    Good luck to the kids, is that too hard to handle???????

  5. Congratulations to all of these players! Why is it that people who do not have personal knowledge of the decisions are the first to make comments?!? PLEASE let these guys have their moment without all the negatives! They are teenagers for Gosh Sakes! They have all practiced hard and have done a great thing here and now we all can help cheer them on at the next level.

  6. I hope the package deal is true. This would definitely quiet down a lot of the rumors for recruiting.

    If this is so, what happened to the football team at ORMA? I guess nothing could get moving there with a team, so the to be coach decided to move on.

    ***fingers crossed***

  7. They are teenagers who tried to circumvent the system and transfer to various schools. While I am sure they worked extremely hard, don’t ask me to celebrate their actions. Just because you are a teenager does not mean you are not responsible for your actions.

  8. If just helping kids was wrong you would think that Coach O would be in the NFL by now….He’s helped a lot of kids over the years and kids don’t make decisions for themselves, it comes down to parents and this is what everyone wanted and let’s hope it all turns out for the best….

    These are some good kids we are talking here, they may have their momments and I’m sure they would tell you that, but they are good young men and I do wish all of our local kids well and look forward to seeing them have a chance to succeed….

  9. Kevin please help me understand. If the rivals and scout, and espn are correct. Theses kids ended up with over 100 offers all over the nation. These kids have been playing together for 12 years. Its not unheard of for kids wanting to play together. So I’m totally confused about what the problem is. Guildford county tried to ruin some of these kids and were unsuccessful. The bottom line is Kevin, God is in control and when you pray even GCS can’t stop the will of God. God Bless all the readers, God Bless you Andy, and God Bless THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA AT BERKLEY!

  10. I think Cal got the best deal. All of them can play and already have some chemistry. Andy, I hope things don’t get too negative. If so, I hope you close out the comment section.

    Let’s celebrate that the kids go to a great school for free, doing something they love to do, and made the grades/past the tests to get there.

  11. Cal is ranked #1 public university by US News and World Report. Although most of us wish Keenan would have chosen a school closer to home, you cannot fault a young man for choosing such a fine school when all the pieces fell into place.

  12. Amen “What Actions”! Congrats to all the Guilford County athletes who are making it to the next level!

  13. My comments are very selfish because I have seen Keenan play football since he was at Lewis Center. The only problem I have is I want get to see him play, I have watched this kid grow over the years and have Loved watching him. This Kid was reading blocks as a 7 year old on the the football field. He has worked really hard over the years on his game and I am proud to say that I know him. So I am Sad that I want get to see him play like I use to and that is what really hurts. And I must say that with two kids of my own, one in college playing basketball and one still in high school, I really feel for his parents because trying to get out to Cal is going to be a Monster.

  14. Get Real,

    I do understand that you would like to see him but put yourself in the parents shoe. One at the University of Alabama and the other one at the University of Buffalo. Now they have one stop at the University of California and you can get a direct flight from CLT to SFO for about $232. The NC boys will do great things. GO BEARS!!!

  15. I noticed that one kid signed at Averett (D3). Not sure you can sign a “letter of intent” to a D3 school…someone correct me on this if possible?

  16. how good is the maynard OB thats going to cal? and i think they have a decent classs but not great the players from here are average

  17. Someone else can concur, but I don’t think you have to sign a binding letter of intent to a DIII school such as the case with Averett University in Danville, Virginia…

    I guess you just sign and there is no scholarship involved, you just sign to play football and then you have the opportunity to get money based on financial need as in the case of the old BEOG, the Basic Educational Opportunity Grant…..

    Stats on Zach Maynard at Buffalo University from 2009:
    12 Games played
    218-379 passing
    57.5% completion rate
    2,694 total passing yards
    224.5 yards per game
    18 TD’s/15 INT’s……

    *****Only included passing stats and his rushing stats are available at the Buffalo University site…*****

  18. We are still checking. Nothing on Peterson yet. Hope to update soon.

    Dudley LB Major Bryant to N.C. A&T…..

  19. Not hating on these young men,glad for any kid to get the opportunityto get away from G-boro, as long as its positive for the kid. Know three of the five and have coached with and against them. My best wishes to all and do hope that they do well and remember to keep the academics at the forfront. Now ! I can get ready for the coaches clinic this weekend and see one of my former players in the “big game sunday . . .the”super bowl” LMAO Yeah ,obc has a hand in it some of everywhere,even though it’s not in the limelight . . . .I have coached them at some point in their lives and the fruit of the labors keep getting ripe . . . . Stay true to your heart I always say . .L8R

  20. Hey Andy, Congrats to all the boys. I bet the moms and dads are saying “WOW, I have finally gotten these kids off the payroll.” Getting a free ride to school is special.

    Now the real work begins. For the next 4 years they belong to the University of their choosing. It is real work time and NO BS TIME. They will all have jobs going to class, playing ball, and working out.

  21. kevin,

    I am sure Coach O’s (Non Coaching Position ) at Cal
    is strickly a coincidence and has nothing to do what went on today.

  22. Andy,

    I wanted to update you on 2 other kids form NG
    Matt Ferris is going to Catawba
    Zach Anderson is going to Winngate.
    Were these guys part of the signing at Rocco’s place today???

  23. I watched to the news 2 video of the kid’s signing today.
    Was it just me or did Zach Maynard look a bit out of place??
    Kinda struck me a little funny He has played 2 yrs at Buffalo and done
    pretty good. To see him setting at a table with some high school seniors
    on signing day was weird.

  24. Only five kids at Rocco’s place today and they were five good ones. Kudos to Matt Ferris and Zach Anderson too and good to them on the road to Catawba and Wingate.

    As the events of today begin to cool down, then everyone can begin to move on.

    Again all of these kids worked hard and Coach O stood by and supported these kids and they are appreciate of it.

    If the rest of you would work hard and focus on your teams and your responsibilites good things will come your way too in time….

    The Guilford College Quakers have worked in men’s basketball and they picked up another big win tonight over Hampden-Sydney….A good time to focus on some more positives in our area and to quit sucking on sour grapes…

    The Guilford report is due up straight ahead on the home page and let’s start pushing these kids for a National Championship……

  25. All you Coach O haters, just got thru watching the sports at 10 on News 14 and found it very interested that so much love was shown to the Butler”s coach at his kids signing but everyone in guilford has nothing but negatives words for Coach O. my question is , how can a school win the 4AA state championship and their ‘GREAT Coach” not get at least one kid into a division 1 program. But a coach helps 5 kids with no state championship get into a top 25 program and he gets treated like a piece of trash. This is same coach that coached in the Army All American Game. News and record published nothing about it but I guarentee if it had been Coach Davis from Dudleys, it would have been front of sports page,if you could get a picture without him following skirts from here to there. Only in Greensboro could this stupidity and B.S happen and be tolorated.

  26. Where is Coach O coaching now?
    Why wasn’t Keenan’s signing held at Northern since that is where he goes to school?
    Most all events like this is held at the school the athlete attends.

  27. No one has still answered my question about the ORMA football program. What has happened with it?

    John Richmond, are you serious? You really believe those five athletes needed his help? They were all D-1 athletes before his ass ever knew them. I’m not saying he hasn’t done wonderful things for the kids, but much to the chagrin of other area coaches, he did just what you are doing, which is running your mouth about other area coaches. Why? What has Coach Davis did to you? Behind the scenes this is what Coach O would say to area parents to try to persuade these kids to come on over to Northern Guilford. So, pardon me if you do not feel that he deserves the ribbing?

    I will say this though, whether I agree with John Richmond or not about this man, these kids still deserve their time. Congrats to all the area kids, and I hope that you continue to work hard not only on the field, but in the books as well.

  28. Coach O is the Athletic Director and still the football coach at ORMA and I am hearing that Alan Hooker will be the new football coach at the former/current Central Carolina Sports Academy…..

    I don’t think the two would compete for players…..

    From all indications, Oak Ridge is looking to get the football team going full-steam ahead in the fall…..

  29. Andy,

    Just my humble oppinion but I think you should take this post off of here. Congratulations to the kids but all this stuff about this Coach O is going to get ugly. Saying something like if all of us would work hard good things would come to us as well is probably not the best thing to say.
    To the poster who talked about the Coach at Butler not getting any of his kids D1 scholarships just makes it look like that guy must be a hell of a coach since he could win a state championship with lesser talent. Then look at a school in Guilford County that had all these big time players and lost the 3rd round. Seems to me the coach at Butler must be a pretty good coach.
    People get on here running there mouths about things that they have no clue of. Do any of you know what kind of grades the kids at Butler have? Maybe none of them would qualify, or maybe they will just sign later. Always blaming the coach for kids not signing is rediculous and for all those saying what a great guy Coach O is, if he is all about the kids, why isnt he staying where he is and continuing to help others. Seems to me he used these kids to get where he wanted to go.

  30. As they say in the business, the train is leaving the station at NOON.

    My plan as of last night was to close this out and closing time is just minutes away.

    I wish we all could strive for the positives and be proud of the fact that these kids will have a great opportunity in college and to me that is the bottom line.

    I probably will never know, because I am not really in the inner circle of the coaches, but where in the world did all of this hatred come from?????

    You would think we all would be working together for a common cause to see all the Guilford County kids succeed and do well…..

    Good luck to them all and in the end it is supposed to be about the kids and I hope we get a chance to follow them in college…..

    I am still proud of them and their accomplishments….

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