HS hoops tonight 2/4/2010(Smith takes two from WG, Dudley with 2 over SEG, EG twice vs. WA, FCD past GDS and HPC gets one from Glenn)

Smith 64
WG 50
Smith Golden Eagles say:”Give our boys some Love”(We did)….You got the Top Spot in tonight’s Top Ten countdown with our guest DJ Skip McCall at GSPN…..

Girl’s Buzzer Beater:Smith 32, Western 30 : LaKendra Wilkerson(Smith Golden Eagles) hit a buzzer beater putback to win the game in a thriller…..

Forsyth Country Day 68
Greensboro Day School 66

*****GDS Bengals now (23-6) on the season.*****

Dudley 45
SEG 43

*****Halftime:Dudley 24, SEG 24….3rdQ SEG 37, Dudley 31….
The two teams have now split in the conference in the regular season and Dudley owns the #1 spot in the Girls Metro 4-A right now….*****

Eastern Guilford boys 71
Western Alamance 34

*****EG girls also won.*****

High Point Central over Glenn girls. Score not available at press time.

Glenn 69
HP Central 52

Dudley 96
SEG 49

*****Dudley remains unbeaten in the Metro 4-A boys standings with WG next Tuesday and Page coming up on Senior Night at Dudley next Friday. Western game is at WG….The main senior on the Dudley squad is Brennan Wyatt and he may be the only senior on the Panther squad….******

Boys 1stQ SEG 22, Dudley 21….Halftime Dudley 40, SEG 31….3rdQ Dudley 68, SEG 37….

Dudley out-rebounded SEG 42-20 and SEG committed 18 turnovers and Dudley only had 6…..Dudley 22-35 at the Free Throw line and SEG went 5-10……Both teams shot 50% from the field 32-64(D) vs. 20-40(SEG), but Dudley was 10-23 from 3-point range and SEG hit 4-8 threes…..Dudley had 12 steals and SEG just 4….Just a few game numbers for you to ponder….

Dudley boys scoring:
PJ Hairston 20 points
DJ Alston 12 pts./11 rebounds
Brennan Wyatt 11
Reggie Dillard 11
Sam Hunt 10
Jaquel Richmond 9
Brandon Clyburn 6
Dominique Byrd 6
Stephon Redd 5
Anthony Hamlett 4
DeSean Manuel 2

Southeast Guilford scoring:
Bradley Savage 15 points
Malik Wright 11
Artez McRae 7
Danny Pressley 4
Jeremy McKellar 4
Tevin Johnson 2
JT McKellar 2
Vashon Soloman 2
Andre McRae 2

*****More on EG boys over Western Alamance:

Tre Radcliffe scored 20, Brandon Hairston 16 and Darius Dawkins 13 for EG. The Huffman kid also played well but I don’t know how many points he scored. Wildcats played a very good game. Held WA to 7 first half points. They were up 31-7 at the half.*****


  1. Girls

    Smith 32-Western 30 : LaKendra Wilkerson hit a buzzer beater putback to win the game in a thriller

  2. Mr. Level is probably living his life vicariously through his son—not a disease he has alone here in Guilford county—-his son just needs to tell him to “SHUT UP, Dad!!!!”.

  3. Don’t post un-intelligent comments please because it’s a waste of time for the hundreds of people who read this board. Tyler Lewis has not re-classified 2 times. The kid is 16 years old.

  4. Why don’t you mind your business instead of getting on this webboard posting that nonsense and stiring the pot. The Levels are good people, and un-like many parents, Joe is right there to support his kids by playing an active role in their lives and development. And ‘ed’, no one needs your POS opinion either.

    I’m Paws4thecause and I approve of this message———over and OUT!!

  5. the whole eastern guilford team played very well they played as a team it”s what wins games darius shut down their big man way to go eastern

  6. Tyler Lewis played a “HECKUVA” of game last night! I sat there in amazement as he went to work keeping his team in the game making clutch shot after clutch shot. This kid has great composure and was never rattled. He put the weight of his team on his back and carried them to victory. Now I was there routing for the bengals but Tyler Lewis was definitely the X factor!

    GDS missed critical free throws down the stretch. Overall great game, 3 overtimes, one of those games where neither team deserves to lose.

  7. When does this site allow some of the language you guys are posting? Andy and others have this site as an outlet for all of us to keep with what is going on in our community sports.

    You all should respect this site and the writers and make your comments but keep your filthy language out of it or there may come a time when the comment section will no longer be allowed.

  8. Hey Kierra
    don’t know if you read this site. Big 3 pointer to give Dudley lead and 3 big drive and dishes to the post to change momentum of game.

    We are watching keep playing your game.

    Breonna big lay up to win it, you will bring good energy to UNCG.

  9. The Dudley Lady Panthers play an extremely exciting game against SE Guilford last night. One more win by the girls and the Dudley will host the Boys and Girls Metro 4A conference tournament.

    Will the Dudley vs. Cummings games be played on Saturday afternoon in Burlington?

  10. Joseph Level is a man that is hard-driven and he works toward perfection in the work he does and I’m sure that carries over to his approach with athletics.

    He is only offering up Tough Love and he has always been a blessing to his family and community. That is just the way I have seen it and heard it over the years from Mr. Level….

  11. I got a feeling that there will be no basketball on Saturday, but you never know.

    It always pays to call ahead or check ahead in advance. I was listening to an Alamance county radio station this morning, and they said no Eastern Alamance basketball on Saturday….

    Maybe Alamance County makes these type of decisions on a case-by-case basis…

    The Cummings game was scheduled for last Saturday at Cummings and let’s hope we get some word on tomorrow’s game.

  12. I doubt the Lady Panthers two non-conference games will get made up…Cummings and Bishop McGuiness.

    They have Western Guilford and Page next week.

  13. Nice 2 pt win by Dudley girls-congrats, but where’s the dude that stated that “every team that came thru there would be beat into submission” after their loss at SE?

  14. Hi oops….that person does not speak for the Dudley Ladies. Basketball can come down to matchups and the small things. Like boxing out and good help defense

    The teams that SE have lost too, Panthers have won by very large margins. Those girls, and coaches know that every team they play will bring their A game against the Lady Panthers.
    SE only had 3 players score and almost won….Something couldn’t have been right with the defense. It’d be nice to have full stats on game

    It was a good game actually it was a great game

  15. What happen to the post that was on here?
    Andy did you remove it if so I am done with
    this site. I have read some things I did’t agree
    with on this site I have read alot of trash
    about players, and schools but when somebody
    post a statment about the Tyler kid and GDS
    you remove the post. That’s not COOL so for the people
    who did’t get a chance to read it I remember
    the topic . Here it goes the tyler Lewis kid reclassied
    twice but I think he did once and it said he will not
    be the college player everybody thinks he will be
    his dad coachs his AAU team and buys good players to
    put around him to make him look good. GDS is not
    that good bc FCD is not that good and they lost to them
    shows that GDS is not a top team in the area losing one
    game does not make your season but @ this time of the shows
    how good your team is. I was @ the game the kid can shoot
    but I’d very small and I have seen the same point guards or better
    playing in public school that if they had the money and opportunity
    would have just as many offers. Please don’t remove this posting
    bc the subject is about two white private schools you guys
    dogg alot of people and players now it is time you get a taste of your
    own medicine…

  16. GDS-FCD game was thrilling to watch. GDS basically blew the game in regulation and the 1st overtime. Should have won both times. That being said they were down 10 with 6 minutes left. Robertson had 30!! By far the best game I have ever seen him play. I was a little surprised they never went into him late in each segment. Despite that the Lewis kid hit 3 big 3’s at the end of regulation and the 1st two ot’s. Looks like these two will meet again in state tourney the last week of Feb. FCDS should be 4 seed and GDS the 5 seed.

  17. I going to close out the comments on this one tonight and we might bring it back up as a topic tomorrow.

    I remove comments when they start to go off into a major negative direction and I don’t know about all the dogging and do we all have it down pat yet?

    Often times the over action gets a little bit too outrageous and one of our themes this week has been to support the kids so we will rest until Saturday morning and then get going again….

    It has been a busy day and have a good night….

    We have some good Super Bowl talk at one of our other posts, why jump in there and have at it…..

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