Antwan Wilkerson one of the best in the area

As far as the big men go, this kid Antwan Wilkerson(Western Guilford) is one of the best in our area.

I have watched him closely over the past two nights, versus Dudley and then against Southeast Guilford, and the kid is a keeper. He hasn’t receieved a lot of publicity, but as far as the county and the area goes, he is one of the best.

I will try and go into more detail on this later in the day, but I needed to get this out there, before I head off to a basketball meeting….

He is a good one and he is for real….Antwan “Tweezie” Wilkerson…..

*****I am still searching for some numbers on this kid and I know he went for 20 points/11 rebounds versus Dudley on Tuesday night/AW with 14 points vs. SEG on Wednesday….*****


  1. Andy, this kid is not a “sleeper”. Antwan has just started to play up to his potential. He is a very good skilled player that should be mentioned with the best in the area, but the first half of the season he did not perform like it.

  2. He also has range. Very steady shot from three-point distance when he goes to the left and right corners……

  3. Andy, you’re right, Tweezy is one of the best in the area. Congrats to Tweezy, keep up the great work, and Thanks for bringing the much deserved recognition Andy.

  4. Thanks for recognizing Antwan Wilkerson.

    He was a excellent player last year and did not receive the best of
    recognition. I thought he should have made Dave Telep’s Carolina Challenge last year.
    Being selected to that event would have opened the door wide for him.

    Unfortunately Dave Telep probably did not get a chance to evaluate him.
    My guess is that he probably received some good looks in the 2 games against Dudley and the 1 game against Wesleyan Christian Academy there are usually scouts and recruiters at the Dudley games and the Wesleyan Christian games.

  5. Finally….. Someone has notice that Antwan Wilkerson has talent. I have seen this young man play multiple times. I could never understand how come he never gets the recognition he deserves. Andy you were correct when you said he is one of the best big men in our area just know this he is a big man that can play were ever you tell him to on the court. Coach Wade over at WG has a team full of talented players. Oh Antwan is a senior right? Does he plan on going to college? If so does he have any offers?

  6. Antwan has been blessed with an extended family that stepped in during tough times and allowed him to concentrate on school and his game. He also benefitted from a coach that believes in him and allows him to play positions 3-5, showcasing the skills that he has cultivated in just the past few years. This kid was a sure shot football player when he started high school. So, given his short 3-4 years of competitive basketball, his upside potential is tremendous!

    I guarandamtee you those preseason haters are saying, “Not THAT Tweezy! I was talking about the one in Burlington!”

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