Billy Yow versus Howard Coble: This old school vs. new school might turn into a barn burner or become a very close foot race

It’s the Old School/Old Guard(Howard Coble) versus the New School/New Guard(Billy Yow)…….

The Republican race for Congress is on, as Guilford County commissoner Billy Yow has stepped in to challenge Howard Coble for his 6th District congressional seat.

The two opponents/foes will meet in the Republican Primary as both men will be vying for the Republican nomination and the right to represent the Party in the general election in November….

Howard Coble is the imcumbent and it seems like he has been in office since back in 1972 when Richard Nixon went back to the White House….Coble has defeated Gene Johnston, Robin Britt and others in the general election, but he hardly ever faces a real challenge in the Republican Primary…

To use an old sports term from the basketball games, this could turn out to be a real “Barn Burner” as we see the Old School facing the New School….

If it turns into a foot race then Yow would be declared the winner, but then again, Howard is a very competent tennis player and he might be able to out-run Billy Yow….

The old school(Old Guard) vs. the new school(New Guard) and do we have any early predictions?????

Will Congressman Coble fall or will Commissoner Yow eventually drop out of the race and say he did it out of respect for Howard Coble?????

Early returns would indicate there is no turning back for Yow and he is knee-deep into this race already and he will not back down and if he knocks Howard down, like in a boxing match, he will not help Howard Coble up….

Is Howrd Coble going down for the count????? Will Yow show us how it is done, with his run for Congress?????

This old school versus new school, could get very interesting……


  1. Billy Yow would set District 6, NC, Washington( if it’s possible), and the H of R back 100 years. If he were to win, we would have 2 idiots from GSO in Washington.

  2. Howard was probably going to retire in a few years. John Blust really wanted that seat. BJ Barnes was even mentioned as Howard’s replacement. I don’t know if Billy is ready for Washington; but then who really is?

  3. i think billy might be a good man for the job maybe could line a wrestling match between them winner take all

  4. Candidates this time around may well be attempting to set themselves up foa a real run next time around.

  5. It may be that Robin Britt defeated Eugene “Gene” Johnston, and then Howard Coble knocked off Britt, but we do have some names to talk about and now, will Billy Yow eliminate Howard Coble?

    Will the “Reign of Coble” in the county come to a close?

    *****Maybe would should say counties, because this does include more than Guilford.*****

    What about the educational differences between the two, is that a prerogative? Do the educational background differences matter to you the voters?

  6. If it were up to people like Billy Yow, then half of the bloggers on this site and half of the players would not have the opportunity to speak out and play. Billy is not the type of representative that this metro area needs to have in Washington or even Greensboro but unfortunately not enough people showed up to vote this plague out of office. Billy Yow in Washington would be the equal to blogger “Dale Fulton” on this site. I do not like Coble either but he may the better of 2 evils. NC needs to get away from the 1950’s type of politician and get people that know how to bring people together and work for solutions that do not separate specific populations.

  7. What most are overlooking is this race won’t be decided in Guilford county. This race covers all of Moore and Randolph counties and portions of Alamance, Davidson, Guilford, and Rowan counties. Does Billy even have a campaign website yet? How is he knee deep in the race? Does he have signs, handouts, volunteers? Approval from the 6th District GOP leaders? Is Yow the only Republican candidate running in the primary against Coble, no. Does he have a starting campaign fund that even comes close to Howard Coble? Howard Coble has all of the necessary tools to win. Of course Mr Coble gets 77% of his campaign money from PAC’s, 10% from other? that leaves 13% that he receives from citizens.
    Cathy Harrison is in the race, but it is Dr. James Taylor, a Constitutional Conservative that has the tools to compete with Howard Coble and he gets 0% contributions from PAC’s, will be signing a $350,000 dollar Bond for a Term limit of 3 terms, 6 years and will return to private life.
    Billy Yow doesn’t have the education to be an effective congressman, nor does he have the tools and Kathy Hinson doesn’t have the funds. James Taylor is the only candidate equipped to run an effective campaign against Howard Coble. James Taylor will go to DC and fight for the people he represents and will not be known as a “Back bencher” like Mr. Coble has been for 23+ years.
    As I see it, James Taylor is the candidate that is best equipped to unseat Mr. Coble.

    However, Yow and Coble do have one thing in common…they both like black and yellow websites……..

  8. dustup… I was just wondering what classes Dr. Taylor took in medical school to make him an effective congressman? What is his intention as an anesthesiologist if he gets to Washington? To put everyone to sleep??? Billy Yow will shake things up in Washington just as he has in Guilford County and he DOES fight for the people he represents. We don’t need another “suit” that looks good on paper. We need someone with a backbone and the only candidate, in my opinion, who has one is Billy Yow.

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