Boys NCHSAA Sectional pairings are coming down and here they are with Smith at NWG Monday

There are some wild ones for the boys on Monday with Smith(15-9) at Northwest Guilford(11-15)….plus:
Grimsley(14-8) at Ragdale(13-13)
High Point Central(12-11) at Western Guilford(16-8)
East Forsyth(10-13) at Dudley(19-6)
Page(13-11) at Watauga(14-8)
Eastern Guilford(14-11) at North Forsyth(17-4)
Fayetteville Byrd(12-13) at Northern Guilford(22-2)
McMichael(13-10) at Northeast Guilford(15-10)

There’s a lot to choose from with the boys with more on Monday with:
Southwest Guilford(9-15) at WS Reagan(19-3)
East Davidson(12-11 at HP Andrews(15-7)

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  1. Andy,
    How is the guard from EG on the list of “players ready for the spotlight”? I guess its because his team is 14-11 and they finished 5th in their conference. Please let me know how this works?

  2. I don’t remember a list by that exact name, but I will say this, Butch Huffman got Eastern to the Mid-State 3-A semifinals and he kept them in the game in the first half of the semifinal with 13 points and EG only trailed Northern by 6, 36-30 at the half…

    NG adjusted and Coach Freeman and the Nighthawks did a fine job defensively on Huffman in the second half(He finished with 15) and I’ll still give credit to Huffman for the job he did to get EG that far and he was their leader in the that first half…

    The kid(Huffman) makes some interesting moves to get into the lane and to get to the basket and I do respect his game and this kid came up the hard way from the basketball school of hard knocks, so let’s promote him and hope he gets another shot or two down the road….

    If you have another guard or two that you feel needs promotion then let me know and will try and get them some much-needed press here at the site…

    I am the HS guard/point guard expert for the Southeastern/Mid-Atlantic region of the United States……

  3. Andy,
    This further more shows me that you don’t know crap about the game of basketball, and to think people actually believe the things you put on here. For example, the game the other night EG vs. NG the “Game of the year” which ended in a 20 point win for the Nighthawks, and all you wanna talk about is a player from the other team?

  4. Andy I thought you played in the Pep band in high school at ballgames, how are you the expert?

  5. The game at Northern with EG was 14-14 after one quarter and then 36-30 at the half. Eastern had it in them and Northern just took it away to the credit of the Nighthawks.

    I spoke with Jonathan Frye after the game and told him a few things to work on for his next game and they won the title on Friday. Always glad to help.

    That’s why they call me the Dick Vitale of Guilford County…..

    I’ll always be there for the fans and the players…..

    I helped put some of those Eastern Guilford kids on the map and good luck to them, Northern and all of our County teams tonight and on down the road….

  6. Some of you people are completely CLUELESS as to why this board is actually HERE. It is to promote sports in the area. It is here to promote the young men and women who play in the area. It is to get them some coverage. To knock Andy for giving ANY kid some props for playing well or ANY team for playing hard makes you look like a COMPLETE IDIOT.

    Good job on the coverage Andy.

    for disgruntled….get a life. You are obviously a moron. I don’t recall anyone saying the EG/NG game was the “game of the year” but if you were around to see EITHER of the first two games you would have seen a tough battle for both teams as both games went to the wire with NG coming up winners by three points each time. NG played well in the tournament and took over in the second half to win a pretty good game. NG has a very good team and won. EG has a solid team as well and put up a great fight every time they played NG. They came up short the third time but, seriously, you need to find something better to do with your time.

    Thanks for the coverage Andy. The coverage for ALL KIDS in Guilford County.

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