ESPN gives TK the KO for on-air remarks about Hannah Storm

BRISTOL, Conn. ESPN has suspended host Tony Kornheiser from his television talk show “Pardon the Interruption” for two weeks for comments he made on the radio last week about SportsCenter anchor Hannah Storm’s clothing.

Storm, who worked in the past as a news anchor for WCNC in Charlotte, has also worked for CNN, CBS News and has been at ESPN since May 2008.

What Kornheiser said, on his weekday local radio show on ESPN’s Washington, D.C. affiliate Friday, was that Storm was on-air in a “horrifying outfit” with “red go-go boots” and a skirt “way too short for somebody her age.” He added: “She’s what I would call a Holden Caulfield fantasy at this point.”

Kornheiser also said Storm’s shirt was too tight and looked “like she has sausage casing wrapping around her upper body.”

Kornheiser announced the suspension on his radio show Tuesday morning, calling his remarks about Storm intemperate and stupid.

Read on and see the Hannah Storm photos that are in question at the Charlotte Observer web site when you Click Here.

*****Just a note:Hannah Storm’s real name is Hannah Storen and her dad Mike Storen used to be the commissoner of the ABA(American Basketball Association) in the days of the old Carolina Cougars. Hannah was a weather-girl when she got into TV in Charlotte and the name Hannah Storm was perfect for doing the weather……Storm is married to sportscaster Dan Hicks from NBC……*****


  1. Why suspend TK?? That outfit IS WRETCHED & HORRIBLE!!! But now, Hannah was on The Sports Reporters Sunday morning & looked absolutely HOT!! So, somebody talked to her about fashion!! Her outlet on Sunday had me waiting for a Sharon Stone moment!!!:):)

  2. my sources tell me that he was not suspended for the remarks about Hannah, but the things he said about Chris Berman

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