HS hoops tonight with Round Two of the NCHSAA playoffs

Boys action with single games getting started at around 7pm and the doubleheaders at 6:30 and do believe that Dudley has the only DH in the lineup for this evening with Panther teams facing Mount Tabor and we are all facing the outside elements more so than the outside shots right now as the snow begins to fall at 9:55am….

Let’s hope the weather doesn’t try to rain or snow on the parades this evening and that the schools can get the games in tonight…..We can beat the rain, but the snow is a tough opponent no matter how hard it is falling or balling or even squalling…..

It is a wet snow falling at around 10am and let’s hope it doesn’t tie up the streets so the kids can still get on the courts….

Boys Sectionals:
Mount Tabor(20-7) at Dudley(20-6)

Union Pines(14-12) at Northern Guilford(23-2)

Matthews Butler(12-15) at Ragsdale(14-13)

Northwest Guilford(12-15) at Ardrey Kell(18-8)

High Point Central(13-11) at WS Reagan(20-3)

Cardinal Gibbons(13-12) at Northeast Guilford(16-10)

Girls Sectionals:
Northwest Guilford(19-7) at East Mecklenburg(24-2)

Matthews Butler(20-4) at Southwest Guilford(20-6)

High Point Central(22-4) at RJ Reynolds(24-3)

Mount Tabor(19-6) at Dudley(23-4)

Northern Guilford(21-5) at Fayetteville Westover(20-5)

Overhills(21-5) at Eastern Guilford(23-3)


  1. Ragsdale 63
    Butler 53

    tied at 25 at the half. Ragsdale goes up 38-28 after three. Never let Butler closer than three.

    Everybody played well. Tyquan Roberts 16, Kalik Parker 13, Beniah Wise 13 D-onovan Smith 8, Jaxson Randolph 7. Three others had 2 each. Ragsdale played 2-3 zone the whole game. Hats off to Coach Shoemaker. He has really gotten this team together.

  2. Two athletic teams. Very physical game. Butler was very athletic, just got out-hustled tonight. Neither team deserved to lose.

    Shoemaker has done a good job with this team. Early in the year Ragsdale was not very good. Two starters were still playing football as well as several subs. Once everyone got to practice together they really improved. they were hard to watch in December. Now they play with heart and hustle. Only problem is next opponent is the Academy. Dudley is wicked strong.

  3. joe,

    here you go with that academy mess again…. dudley only has two players on thier team thats in the academy. one of the lives in dudley district anyway… both kds a great students and are in the academy for the right reasons… unlike what you probably think……. u cant use that excuse… why must we always bring something negative up. lets just play the games

  4. is there a score on that Tabor-Dudley game? Beating Dudley would be a huge upset to say the least for Ragsdale.

    On a side note it was great to see Jay Canty sitting on the Ragsdale bench tonight. Too bad he was in street clothes and not a uniform

  5. I guess the cowgirls won’t get to see Panther Nation after all………..SW ‘fans’ on here just knew they had that Butler game in the bag………and joe, no one cares what you think. Go crawl back into your manhole and wait til next seson.

  6. Witness, let it go. Due to the Academy there will always be some who will question it’s validity. Best just to ignore and move on. You can’t expect to have the benefit of the program and not have some that will question it.

  7. I guess the panthers won’t see E.Meck Nation after all……….Dud ‘fans’ on here just knew they had that Bulter game in the bag…..and 2nd round, no one cares what you think. Go crawl back into yourself and wait til next season.

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