Tournament Town is Carolina Blue

Unfortunately, recent changes in the ACC has eliminated the Norm Sloan Invitational, held the Thursday night before the ACC Mens Basketball Tournament. The Carolina Tar Heels would have qualified this year.

Problem is that with the Heels performance, Tickets for the ACC Mens Basketball Tournament, held this year in Greensboro, will be publicly available. That RIGHT! You can BUY a ACC Tournament Book LEGALLY. The News & Record has the story.

Sure you could stand on the ramp and pick up tickets a lot cheaper; but this is a unique opportunity to buy a real ticket book – legally.

Once Carolina resumes it basketball dominance, tickets will return to scalping-only status.


  1. Thursday night used to be the Les Robinson Invitational, not Norm Sloan. But that was until Greensboro’s Justin Gainey took the Pack from a play-in game vistory on Thursday to the finals on Sunday and within a whisker of beating UNC.

  2. That would actually be … pick up “better” tickets cheaper.

    Also, face value or less is not illegal.

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