The pairings for NCHSAA boys playoffs

The word last night was Dudley would meet Ardrey Kell, but today the NCHSAA site says Dudley vs. West Charlotte. Northern Guilford will face Rocky Mount and NEG meets South Central…..

Dudley 22-6 #1
W Charlotte 21-9 #2
8:30 PM

No Guilford 25-2 #1
Rocky Mt 21-3 #1
7:00 PM
Minges Coliseum ECU

NE Guilford 21-3 #1
South Central 27-1 #1
8:30 PM


  1. I was curious about that also. The website was updated about 6pm
    to address those changes. The website indicated:

    Just as a point of clarification– the pairings for the regional tournaments have always been redrawn after sectional play. It is not an automatic that the winner of one sectional advances against the winner of another as may be displayed on the sectional brackets. This practice has been going on for over 20 years.

    Overall records and conference representation are considered; for instance, two teams from the same conference would not meet in the regional semifinals but would be in opposite brackets if at all possible.

  2. The News and Record had NEG and Northern meeting in the Saturday edition and last night we heard that Dudley would face Ardrey Kell…..The Dudley-West Charlotte game appears that it would be much tougher than a Dudley-Ardrey Kell meeting, especailly in the first round.

    This late in the season and this far along in the playoffs, I guess there are no easy machups at all.

  3. I believe the issue hear is the NCHSAA puts out a bracket showing the entire field. If you use that bracket, the pairing would have been as originally posted. However; I believe the NCHSAA repairs the teams for the regionals. If you looke at the 4A West regionals:
    1-Lake Norman (23-3)
    2-Greensboro Dudley (22-6)
    3-West Charlotte (21-9)
    4-Charlotte Ardrey Kell (20-8)

    So you can see 1 vs 4, 2 vs 3. The seedins you see above are the 1st round seedings which includes about 8–#1. If all favorites would have won. There would all be #1’s in the sectionals and regionals. You can see in the original post above that Dudley is the only team playing a #2. Everyone else play #1’s.

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