No school today for Guilford County means no games and no practices: West Regional NCHSAA basketball games on hold

No classes today for the Guilford County School system and that means no baseball games today and no spring sports whatsoever. Therefore no practices today since all school activities are canceled or postponed….

The NCHSAA West Regional Round One games scheduled for the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center and for Fleming Gym on the UNCG campus are on hold and they will be working to get all the arrangements for today/tonight worked out this morning…..

The NCHSAA will have to contact all schools that would be involved and get details worked out if school systems were not in session today…..

It appears that the snow may have come in and hit the areas to our East harder than it hit Guilford County and that may effect how things turn out with today with the Eastern Regionals set to get under way at East Carolina University.

From what we were able to detect, the Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools and most of the school systems to our West were going in today on a 2-hour delay and I noticed that in Lexington, with the Lexington City Schools, they were set to begin the school day on a 3-hour delay…….

Where do you draw the line on this winter weather and much more of this can we take? We will have to take what we get and the decisions to delay the opening of the school day also effects how families coordiante their day and many parents often become concerned about leaving kids home alone, waiting for that bus to arrive at say 10:30am for an 11am start, while the parents have to go on to work on their regular/normal schedule.

Where do you draw the line and did Guilford County make the right call today? There was a photo of a car that was involved in an 11-car pileup over on Holden Road this morning and due was due to the icey streets…..Check it out on the front page at

The two-hour or three-hour delay looks like it could have been the correct call for this morning, but as they say in looking back, hindsight is 20/20…..

What do the older kids that play on the schools’ spring sports teams do on days such as this?????

Do you go to the Batting Center? Can you get in a run at one of the fitness centers? How about the weights workout at the center????? Is there still an indoor tennis center where the kids could go get in a few sets?

Batting center for baseball and softball, fitness center for Track and Field or your off-season football workouts, or the tennis center for those who participate in a totally different racket……

That Proehlific Park has the indoor turf field so I guess you could even go there and work on Lacrosse…….

You better be doing something, because sometime soon, this crazy winter weather is going to break up and leave town for good and you want to be ready.

The official first day of Spring is only 18 days away…..


  1. I was surprised that Guilford County Schools were closed today. I was expecting a 2 hour delay like most of the surrounding school systems. My street is bone dry at 9:30 AM. I was suppose to sub for a teacher at Page High today.

    As far as the playoffs go for tonight it is unfair for the schools outside of Guilford County that had school todayto cancel the playoffs another day because the students at Dudley did not have to go to school today. Let’s hope the Guilford County School System AD is smart enough to allow the playoffs to go on. He has the final call.

  2. The NCHSAA website says the games at Gso Coliseum Special Events Center and UNCG – Fleming Gym are on for tonight…except the 8:30 PM Dudley vs West Charlotte matchup is “Pending Approval from Guilford County Schools.

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