A look at last night’s West Charlotte-Dudley game from Langston Wertz Jr. at the Charlotte Observer

It is always interesting to see what others are saying about a game you were watching and then you get to find out if you were all watching the same game.

Here is the word on last night’s West Charlotte-Dudley West Regional game, from the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center, through the eyes of Charlotte Observer high school sports writer Langston Wertz Jr. and we will later add on the link to the News and Record account, from Tom Keller, so you can compare notes from both perspectives and why not go back and re-read our Greensborosports.com version and it will give you a three-sided coin to toss and flip, as you decide on your own account of the game…

from Langston Wertz at the Charlotte Observer:

GREENSBORO– West Charlotte was down one point to Greensboro Dudley Wednesday night, with 8.5 seconds left in an exciting N.C. 4A Western Regional semifinal at the sold-out Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center.

Everybody in the building was standing, expecting Lions star J.T. Terrell to get the ball under the Dudley basket and dribble up court for a potential winning shot.

But so did Dudley. The Panthers prevented Terrell from getting the inbounds pass and West Charlotte threw the ball to 6-foot-7 junior center Anthony Estes.

As he barreled up the court, Estes said he had one thought:

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from Tom Keller at the News and Record on last night’s game:
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  1. I thought both reporters had an accurate account of the game. What they both failed to report was the horrible call by one of refs with less than a minute remaining in the game. Dudley was up by 3 and WC clearly lost the ball out of bounds underneath their own basket. WC hit a 3 ptr to tie the game at 66.

    The comments in the Charlotte Observer newspaper were very interesting. It appears that some folks feel that Lake Norman High School is a bit snobbish and racist.

  2. As I look closer at the photo by Joseph Rodriguez in today’s News and Record and on-line at the N&R site, that looks like a tough final shot by Anthony Estes and very good defense by Stephon Redd from Dudley, but where is the call?????

    That is either a charge or a block…..Redd’s arms are straight up in the air like they are supposed to be and his feet are set and Estes is barrelling right into him….

    If the feet were not square and set then I guess it was block. With Estes flying in there that hard and fast you think that play couldn’t go as a “No Call”…..

    Being a homer, after looking at the N&R photo, I would say it was a charge. Redd played excellent defense all night long and he made several hustle plays to get loose balls. I was very impressed with Stephon Redd’s readiness and his effort and to me that last play was mighty close.

    If I study that play from my computer on East Lee Street or in the library I work out of on Phillips Avenue, then that was a charge on Estes……

  3. Andy – we were at the game and photo’s can be deceiving. Didn’t feel there should have been any call on the play at the time I saw it and still don’t. Bang, bang play with Redd backing up and Estes going to the side. Hard to believe Dudley let the 6’5″ Davis go the length of the court. He had to be the last option to inbound the ball to for West Charlotte, but everyone else was covered and he made a play.

  4. I know what you are saying, but I keep looking at that photo and man it sure makes you wonder and think and say to yourself, HMMMMM…….

    Now NEG is the Guilford County team…..Huge Ram win at ECU tonight!

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