(From our HS basketball contributors.)

If your team did not at least reached the Sectional finals, a player will not be on
the first team.

First Team

1. Donovan Griffith: Northeast:Has taken charge and has willed this team. Has had a
high of 24 points.

2. Bryce Benjamin: Northeast: Has been steady through out the playoffs including a
high of 20 points.

3. Jonathan Frye: Northern Guilford: Did everything he could to get back to the
dance and did not dissapoint inspite of a mass exodus from last years’s team which
ran into violations. Also netted nearly 20 plus points during the playoffs.

4. Darius White: Northeast: The crafty senior has been one of the main ingredients
to help his team advance. Hit the winning shot to help his team get to the Final
Four. Also has put up some pretty consistent numbers along the way.

5. Reggie Dillard: Dudley: The sophomore has showed his scoring ability by scoring a
career high of 33 points against Ragsdale including a whoping 8 of 10 from the
three point mark. His steady defense has also been a key for the Panthers.

Second Team

1. PJ Harriston:Dudley: The North Carolina signee had a high of 25 points during
the playoffs.

2. John Mcbeth: Northern Guilford: Has done a great job of keeping opponents at bay
while they key on Frye and Berry. Scored 18 points in Sectional Final.

3. Jaquel Richmond:Dudley: The young freshmen showed great promise by notching 12
in the Sectional Finals and will be one of the most prominent players in this area
on a team that is already loaded.

4. Dylan Berry: Northern Guilford: His play and threat from the three point range
help to keep playoff opponents off balance. Never really got totally untracted but
did other things to help team win. Did score 13 points in one game.

5. Tyquan Roberts: Ragsdale: Had a great series and help Ragsdale reach the Finals.
Showed great leadership and scored in double figures a couple of times.

Third Team

1. Khalik Parker: Ragsdale: Scored 13 point against Dudley in the Sectional
Championship game.

2. Brennan Wyatt: Dudley: The Navy signee ran the Panthers offense to near
perfection and scored pointa along the way.

3.Benaiah Wise: Ragsdale: Played a key role in his teams run to the championship game.

4.Sam Hunt: Dudley: This young freshmen hit several key three pointers and showed
poise beyond his years. Will be one of the best in the area.

5. Abdul Tijani: Northeast: Played the unsung hero role in Northeast success and
notched double figures early on in the playoffs.

Honorable Mention:

1. Antwoine Wilkerson: Western Guilford: Scored over 20 points in Western’s first
round loss to Highpoint Central.
2. Demoine Harrison: Page: Scored 18 points and almost help Page escape with a first
round win.
3. Daniel Downing: Northern Guilford: Averaged nearly 7 points during the run and
came up with key rebounds.
4.Patrick Chandler: Northern Guilford: Help with the scoring punch when Frye and
Dylan were being double covered.
5. Greg Bridges: Southwest Guilford: Scored in double figures but was not enough to
help get Southwest over the hump.
6. Darius Dawkins: Eastern Guilford: Scored 20 points in Easterns’s first round loss.


  1. Has to remain Anon. Working part-time with major network.

    Just kidding, but our contributors put a lot of research into their lists…

  2. No one from NWG helped there team get to the second round of the tournament? Is this your Idea of squashing the NWG talk on this board again? Pretty sad.

  3. Can’t believe no player from NW made the list after their first Conference win in 12 years and going into the states deeper than any NW team has in years.

  4. I would like to mention the NWG boys basketball team for working their butts off in the last 7 weeks of the season and went on to win the conference tournament and also beat smith in the first round of the play-offs, good job boys: These were the players that produced in the game against SMITH as was written on an earlier post on this site: Once again great job NWG:

    NW Players Scoring:
    Reed Lucas 25
    Zach Ellwood 20
    Adam Coble 11
    Kyle Vebber 10
    Matt Pawlowski 9
    Keaton Haack 2

  5. And some of these boys are the same boys that got it done to win the Conference championship game. Give me a Break!!!

    Kyle Vebber 22
    Zach Ellwood 15
    Reed Lucas 14

  6. Aaron Toomey?
    Bishop was Sectional Champions
    49 points
    20 points
    51 points
    20 points in regional semis
    30 point average in 4 games, 40 point average in sectionals

  7. 2 me, as in pass it to me..toomey.. If you put it up enough the points will come. If you don’t shoot, you don’t score. The more you shoot, the more you score. If you shoot a lot, you might score a lot!!!!!!!!!

  8. NWG

    This list seems pretty acurate. If they expanded it to 10 for honorable mention, then I would agree that only Lucas should have made it. as far as honorable mention goes. I do not believe any should be ahead of the First , Second or Third team.

  9. Andy,
    I think you should give Aaron Toomey and all the NWG players who were left off the selections a special trophy with a suitable inscription—-better yet, I think you should name everyone who played in a sectional contest to the All-Section team and buy them all a trophy. That’s the lest you can do with all the money you will be receiving when you receive the money from Nigeria. It can even be a write off if you have it in a non-profit account.

  10. OK..All these kids are good players, but how does Derek Grant go so low under the radar. He had 17 and 8 boards in 1st round win over Western Guilford. He had 20 pts & 7 reb. in a second round overtime lost to 20-3 Reagan. I would at least put him on the Honarable mention squad and that is being conservative!! The kid isn’t flashy, but he gets the job done at any position on the squad. Ask any one of the kids on the list. Just an opinion…………..

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