Coach Kris Britton steps down at Dudley

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GREENSBORO -Dudley girls basketball coach Kris Britton is stepping down after six seasons to pursue a job in the college ranks.

Assistant coach Frank McNeil will take over.

“My season had ended at Dudley,” said Britton, who does not yet know her next move. “I feel real good about the accomplishments that we have made since I’ve been there. I felt like this would be a good time.”

Britton was the 2009 News & Record Coach of the Year after leading the Panthers to
the 3-A state title. Of the 19 players she has coached to graduation, 14 have
received full Division I basketball scholarships.

“It’s a new challenge for me,” she said, “and I’m really excited about a new challenge.”

from 3/8/
Dudley girls basketball coach Kris Britton has stepped down and she will now focus on moving up to the college ranks.

Dudley girls assistant coach Frank McNeil will take over for Coach Britton and coach the Dudley varsity girls basketball team.

You can see the full details at in Tom Keller’s high school section.

Good luck to Coach Britton in the future and let’s remember, she coached the Panther young ladies to Dudley’s first-ever girls basketball State Championship, when they defeated Forrestview and Shannon Smith, in last year’s(2009) 3-A title game, with Dudley’s Helen Terry being named the MVP.


  1. Coach B teams dominated her conference with their intimidating in your face take no prisioners mentallity. Her players advanced to the collegiate ranks better than any program in the area. She will leave behind a legacy of winning that will be admired by many and frowned upon by the lesser. She should do well at the next level and may open more doors for the future Pantherettes and area Guilford County Student Athletes. To all other coaches, great things like this happen when you win.

  2. Coach Kris Britton elevated Dudley’s Ladies Basketball to a different level than any coach had from years passed. Britton pushed each athletic to their limit only to realize just how far they could go and how much each could endure. She encouraged each to believe in self, team and hard work beyond the average; and always, always, play to win.

    Great job Coach Britton, good luck to you and best of luck to Coach McNeil. We look forward to continued future visits to Dudley’s ladies Basketball. Looking forward to seeing that 3A championship picture front and center… move something over… history has been made. Love and blessings Britton … go forth!

  3. Thanks Coach….
    you elevated the Lady Panther Program to a different level. No one cared about Lady Panther Basketball..not even the Booster club until your arrival. I have heard all the stories…about uniforms, girls basketballs, no money for the program.

    You are a game changer in every sense of the word! You helped make history for the City of Greensboro. 1st ever girls 3a state champs!

    Schools take notice: if you invest in your programs with great coaches and financially the program will and can succeed.
    There are many other successful Lady Programs, but is just something about being a part of that Panther Pride!

    Thanks Again and Good Luck to your future.

  4. All of you Dudley fans need to comment on the News-Record site. The first article about Coach Britton leaving has this one dude named dcolin trashing Dudley as a low performing academic high school.Dudley fans and sports fans in general need to rebut his comments. He is always trashing kids gaining from athletic scholarships. Let’s get about 15-20 on that site slamming his anti-athletics ideas.

  5. Thanks Coach B for all that you have done for James Benson Dudley Senior High School. You made attending and watching girls basketball an exciting and fun event.

    Good luck in your future as a college basketball coach. Several Dudley fans, including myself, are thinking that Coach B will become the next women’s basketball coach at Winston Salem State University. WSSU and Bill Hayes need to fill that position. Plus Coach B is a native of Winson Salem.

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