HS Baseball Tonight with Final Scores 3/9/2010

Western Guilford 3
Dudley 2

*****WG now (3-1) and Dudley (3-1)….Macon Smith with a two-out, three-run home run, was the difference for WG and Casey Jones came on and struck out 5 of the 8 Dudley batters he faced in relief…Macon Smith’s home run went over 375 feet and landed in a neighbor’s yard across the street from the Dudley baseball field….Eric Kimber hit a solo homer for Dudley and the Panthers led 2-0 behind sophomore pitcher Corey Kimber until the blast to right field by Macon Smith with two out in the fifth….Mark Leake got the start for WG and pitched well, with Ray Crawford Jr. and Tevin Neal both going 2-4 at the plate for Dudley…*****

Southeast Guilford 13
Page 3

WP:Austin Bain
*****Adam Kirkpatrick was 2-3 with 5 RBI’s for the SEG Falcons while Blake Butler was 3-4 for SEG, Tiger Miller was 2-3 with a double and Josh Tobias had two hits including a triple….The SEG Falcons are now (2-1) and Page falls to (4-1) on the season. *****

Greensboro Day School 11
Providence Day 2

*****Greensboro Day has Alec Bankhead, Scott Wells, and Jonathan Wells among others and they are a very talented club.*****

East Forsyth 13
High Point Central 3

Southwest Guiflord 11
Trinity 2

Ragsdale 12
WS Parkland 2

JV Baseball
Dudley 7
Western Guilford 5


  1. i was just wondering why you left out adam kirkpatrick’s name in the southeast gilford game. he went 2-3 with 5 rbi’s.

  2. Anybody got the NWG-Glenn score? A lot of people have been asking for it at our E-mail site….

  3. Fell 15-7 to Southern Alamance on Tuesday(3/9/2010)…

    Lost last week 3-2 to Southwestern Randolph….

    Currently (1-2) and David ‘DJ’ Reader is hitting the ball hard with a Grand Slam versus on Tuesday and Jacob Dooley also hit the ball well on Tuesday vs. SA.

    Southern Alamance is a strong team….Grimsley versus Southeast Guilford on Friday….

  4. Further update on Grimsley for Whirlie in SC:

    Overall – 1-2

    Loss – SWR 3-2
    Win – Eastern Guilford 12-0
    Loss – SA 15-7

    At home today versus E. Guilford

  5. DJ didn’t play the first game. Pithed the second game and won. At the plate hes4 for 7 with 3 homers and 12 rbi’s in two games

  6. I hope to be at this afternoon’s game and get a chance to see this kid again…

    Very impressive numbers…..Not to beat an old horse or a Trojan Horse at that, but I still remember last year on that Monday afternoon when High Point Wesleyan came over to Grimsley and Wil Myers had the 3 home runs in the same game…

    Bob Horner and Dale Murphy eat your hearts out fellas…..

    Should be a good game today and DJ Reader always looks like he is having fun when he is playing and that will be a big plus when he gets to college and starts facing those 40-50 game schedules…..

  7. 2 games in a row the same Dudley pitcher went the distance. I was at the game yesterday and he threw over 100 pitches. The guy is just 15 years old. Is it really “For the kids” coach?

  8. 77 Hornet ,
    E Kimber threw the game against HPC.
    T Neal Threw against Andrews
    C Kimber Threw against Wesleyan
    Get the facts straight before you start posting. If its “For The Kids” as you say .Did you have a pitch counter or were you guessing because we did.Let it stand as a good game amd move on.Outside of 1 pitch he handled Western’s lineup. 2 pitches decided the game (1 blown call by plate ump,1 mistake by the pitcher).But no excuses JUST a good ball game. Leave it at that.

  9. DN,
    I’m sorry I phrased it wrong. I meant his last 2 starts in a row he went the distance. And yes, we always keep a score book. The only issue I have is a young arm being thrown too much. Nothing more.

  10. 77,
    Thank you for your concern .But These kids have conditioned all off season. They have been preparing since October for this season. We are well aware of innings and pitch counts by our pitchers and our opponents. FYI a Week between starts, According to NCHSAA you have 12innings in a 3day period. How many picthes did your pitcher throw between Saturday and Tuesday. 8 batters thats at least 24 pitches. .Just a point that our pitcher had more rest thanyour closer. And if I’m not mistaken he only a junior himself also ayoung arm.

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