Cheap Tickets and Empty Seats.

I watched with horror last night as the Tar Heels went down in Round One of the ACC Tournament.

It wasn’t that the Heels lost, it was the multitude of empty seats in the coliseum. A reminder of the Carolina Hurricanes tenure in the coliseum a few years ago. While there were thousands of empty seats, none were available as all seats were sold. It was technically a sell-out.

The problem is that these so-called basketball fans don’t mind dropping $400 bucks, so they can cherry pick the games they want to watch, them go elsewhere to watch other games or even head home.

I remember when basketball tournaments all over the country were packed, not just Greensboro. Now the seats are cold while the tickets are in the hands of rich contributors to the participating schools. Contributors, who often watch one game and leave. Gone are the days of fans cheering against teams late into the night.

As Carolina fans put it when the Dean Dome was built – the “Whine and Cheese” crowd has taken over all the seats, leaving the fans to watch it on TV. When a book of ACC Tickets can sit on a bar with no takers, you know that the fun is gone from the game.


  1. I was at the afternoon session and got a ticket for 10 dollars. If I waited longer, I could have gotten one for free. Since the acc went to 12 teams, the first round is meaningless and nobody shows up. Most people think the tournament doesn’t start until Friday. Since UNC and, to a lesser extent, Wake won’t be there today, it will again be an easy ticket. A lot of UNC fans will not watch any other team play.
    It is painful to watch Carolina and Wake play yesterday. They were horrible in the offensive end. All of these supposed great AAU All American’s are not fundamentally sound. The shooting and post moves were terrible. Looks like a lot of off season work is needed.

  2. I would to take my 2 boys to the games tonight if anyone has any of those tickets for sale.

  3. Economy plus bad Carolina team plus bad Wake team plus down year for ACC in general.

    But I agree. Should have been more folks there last night. Maybe the Dookies. Dogs and Turtles will come through for us.

  4. How much does individual tickets cost in the Greensboro Coliseum box office for the ACC Mens Tourney?

  5. Tickets are NOT for Sale to The General Public. This is technically a private event that is very public. No different than the Furniture Market. It just so happens that the whole thing is on TV.

    Tickets are sold exclusively through each ACC School – generally to boosters, students and friends. The Coliseum Box Office has no tickets, despite the coliseum having thousands of empty seats. Each seat is technically sold, despite the no-shows.

  6. You should have gotten off your butt and come down to the Coliseum. There were plenty of cheap tickets outside. It was a great tournament and everyone had a great time. I can’t wait for next year!

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