Good Starts

High School Baseball has seen some good starts, some very good starts, if you ask me and here are a few of those numbers….

Ragsdale (6-0/4-0)….(Overall record, followed by Conference mark.)
Northeast Guilford (5-0 2-0)
Southeast Guilford (6-1/4-0)
Western Guilford (6-1/3-0)
Dudley (6-1/3-1)……
*****We may have others and if so, just send them and Ben Fultz at Ragsdale has to be one of the area’s, if not the state’s hottest/heaviest hitters early, with 5 home runs in just six games….******

+++++More top numbers just send them our way….I know NEG is off to a great start, but it has been difficult getting numbers on the Rams…(We now have them posted….+++++


  1. Gds is also off to a good start. they are 5-2 with the losses coming from when players were missing. Their hitting line up 1-6 are all capable of knocking the ball out of the park and they also have a8th grader who hit a home run the other day. Their pitching is also very good. Houstoun Harrington is leading the way almost pitching a no hitter 2days ago.

  2. wg and seg is gonna be the top 2 teams in the conference.western has good offence.
    with casey jones leading it of nin marrero hitting 2nd macon smith hitting in the 3rd spot and joe turkson 4th. Those are 4 every good hitters.

  3. You know I almost listed Greensboro Day and SWG also…

    It was a tough week for SWG with the 3-2 loss to Ragsdale and then the loss to Glenn on Friday night….Glenn might be a team that will give Ragsdale a run for their money….

    SEG at Ragsdale Tuesday, Dudley-Southern Alamance Tuesday, SEG at Dudley on Friday and that Ragsdale-Glenn game can’t be to far away….

    WG is waiting for a late closing two-game series with SEG and WG has Dudley one more time and before you know it the season is blowing by you…..

    Anyone have any word on how Westchester Country Day is doing???? I heard they have gotten off to a good start over there in Davidson County and that they knocked off High Point Christian back on Friday….

  4. The NE Rams are of to a GREAT start this season. 64 runs and 8 HRs in just 5 games
    their record 5-0 2-0. The Rams line-up brings a lot of talent,speed, and power they are loaded with hitting and pitching. Rams are looking very strong.They have a really good chance to win their conference and a 3-A mid-triad title.

    They have the most talented line-up
    The rams leading hitters:

    *Trey Johnson
    *Josiel Colon
    *Luis Paula
    *Johnny Brown Jr

    Luis Paula and Harrison Phillips are really throwing the ball well for the rams.
    These boys can play is going to be a good season. Lookout NE IS BACK

  5. Andy,
    anyone in that new PT-4a conference can give ragsdale a run. They just have to catch them just right. East Forsyth almost got them but Desean Anderson came up with a big hit. I think SWG, Glenn, EF, and Ragsdale will be the top 4 in that conference but not in that order and who ever wins that conference will go a long ways in the playoffs because the conference is that good. There are several D1 players/prospects in this league which makes it very competitive!

  6. PT-4a is very competitive. Some of the best HS baseball I have seen since I moved here and since my HS days. Of the teams Drew mentions anyone can be beat anyone on any given night. All 4 of those teams can play. But to advance deep in the playoffs you do it with pitching and defense. The two teams that may have the deepest pitching and a #1 stopper are SWG with Hudgens (although Glenn go to him Friday) and EF with Schultz. I don’t think either team wins the conference but they have the pitching to go deeper. So far no one has exhibited great defense. Ragsdale has been out-hitting everyone so far but pitching and defense will carry you deep in the playoffs. Stone and Hodges have been tough so far and Southcott has been a pleasant surprise for Ragsdale.

  7. GDS has a good record, but to talk about he quality of their team in the same vein as Ragsdale, Western, SEG, NEG, etc. is is not even close. Though they are better than they have bben in the pst, they are not competitive with the public school teams. Records, like individual stats are meaningless in my opinion.

  8. We play a tougher schedule than most of the public schools in the area. We actually have games against Dudley and NEG and we had Bishop on the schedule but it got rained out. We have played top 5 ranked Charlotte Latin as well as perennial powerhouse Providence Day. Our conference schedule consists of 3 game series with both WCA and FCDS, both excellent teams. FCDS has several UNC commits as well as other college prospects and WCA has several great prospects as well.

  9. FCDS and Latin are good
    WCA is way down this year
    Dudley doesn’t play anyone except Northern, SEG and Western. They have dodged the better teams in the area.
    Prov Day is weak outside their conference
    NEG is much improved

  10. Providence Day is down a bit this year, but is still a perennial powerhouse that has made the state tourney 9 out of the last 10 years, not to mention they knocked off a solid Charlotte Catholic squad earlier this year. WCA is always good, and while they lost some key players, they still have Bennet Hixson and Chris Ferrante who are both college prospects. Not to mention we end our season vs. a solid Rabun Gap team from Ga.

  11. Mike C.

    Who are you to say Dudley has dodged the supposed better teams in the area.
    Are you there when the Coach tries to schedule games with these teams only to hear ” We already have a full schedule may be we can work something out next year”.
    Last year there was a home and home with SEG that both games were rained out. NG,NEG,WG,WA,RC were all conference games.

    This year SEG,WG,SA are all conference games. We scheduled Wesleyan,NEG and tried to get some of your PT-4A teams on the schedule the only taker was HP Central. So whos dodging who.
    Here’s a suggestion lets see if have it so every team in guilford county must play each other at least once every 2 years if they are not in the same conference. For example The Metro 4A would 4 nc games one year & 4 nc the next.(rag,sw,nw,hpa,hpc,eg,sg,ng). That way everybody plays.

    Why disect GDS record and put down other teams in your post. A number of these teams have no choice in who they play.
    It seems some of us just want to demean or put down any team that we nothing about. AS a means to promote those that we fill should be for a lack of a better word “Better”

    What makes you one of the better teams in the area. Is it the score of your last game ,where you finish in your conference,how far you go in the playoff. Is it who play or how you play.

    1 thing I can say is if the these young men acted like the older men on these post we have all failed and have not allowed them to get off to “GOOD STARTS” in life

  12. I think Dudley plays one of the tougher schedules in the area at least this year they do.

    I would like to see them meet Ragsdale. Can they meet in the playoffs?

    They played each other in football and basketball, why not baseball? I think it would draw a large crowd and determine once and for all who is the best in sports in the county.

  13. Dudley has played SWG and Ragsdale a bunch in the summers in Colt ball. Baseball was not real competitive until recently. Dudley continues to improve. Wish they could have met in the last couple of years. Ragsdale lost a bunch last year and will this year. Although Dudley loses a bunch this year too. DN, nothing against Dudley. I didn’t attend any of these schools and have no kids. Just been watching for 5 years after playing in college since I moved here.

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