HS Baseball Tonight 3/24/2010

Ragsdale 11
Grimsley 1

******6 innings******
WP:Billy Stone
LP:Quito Carrrig
+++++With the win Ragsdale improves to (7-1) overall and they will host the Glenn Bobcats in a Conference matchup at home on Friday night at 7pm.+++++

Dudley 17
High Point Andrews 5

5 innings
WP:Kaylin Pratt
Ground-rule double:Zaney Seagraves
****That double by Seagraves went through the bushes and then on through the fence and should have been a HR….****
Dudley now (8-1) and they will be hosting SEG on Friday night……

Southeast Guilford 17
Providence Grove 7

5 innings
WP:Josh Tobias
Colby Keene was 2-4 with a triple and double for SEG…
SEG is now (8-1) overall and will be at Dudley on Friday night at 7pm…..

*SEG trailed 6-0 in the top of the first and the Falcons went with starter Austin Bain and then switched to Josh Tobias to put out the fire and then Leon Smith was on the mound, trying to bring the Falcons home in 5 innings….*

Western Guilford 2

WP:Duncan Everette

WS Reynolds 1

Providence Grove 6

**Wallace and Greene got it done on the hill for Falcons…**


  1. Ragsdale needs to get their Booster Club to contact the Glenn coaches. They attend all Ragsdale games. It would be cheaper if they bought a season pass. And they all wear Glenn gear, head to toe in orange. Can’t miss them. 🙂

    The Grimsley pitcher, Quito, went 6 innings and never gave up. Threw strikes and competed. Grimsley lost their top 2 starters before the year ever started and an infielder to academics. Young group over there. Plus Highfill and Shumate rested tonight. Ragsdale was able to get some valuable innings for Carstens tonight.

  2. I was talking to Mike Ellis from the Jamestown News about that same thing and he said what you are saying Kirk, they need to come up with some kind of “Tiger Pass” for these Glenn guys and they may have to shell out the “Bobcat Bucks” to get it…

    I thought I saw long-time coach/scout Dale Ijames at a few games…..


  4. I just got in from a trip. A friend told me about this website. You know it is sick when people try to assasinate young kids’ character. Highfill and Shumate, my son who I never brag on but am very proud of, do not deserve the innuendo that they were benched for discipline reasons. Both of those kids work year round at the game and never say a word to anyone. They both respect their coach and love their baseball program. Coach Simmons is a good coach. All the kids at GHS are great kids from what I can see. If he wants to play some other players, we support him. Both of these kids are playing hard at the moment and doing some great things. All ogf the ghs players are doing some good things. The team lost its top 2 arms a week before the season. Hard times build character. Websites like this one could be great to check scores, but I have to be honest. Any fans who attack kids under fake names and take shots at others and hide behind an alias and computer screen is a punk. Haters, cowards, punks never win. The jealous coward network should choose to do the right thing and not print these loser messages to which grown men and women cannot sign their names. Stand tall greensborosports.com and clean up your act. You are only baiting the already selfish and poisonous atmosphere that exists in high school baseball. I taught my son that because he works hard, keeps his mouth shut, and becuse of his last name, people would hate him the day he stepped on the baseball field. But, leave the other players on grimsley and the players on other other teams alone. The businesses on this site might catch on to this disgraceful practice and leave this site alone when we decide to boycottt their businesses. This is not professional sports. Remember, adults who prey on kids are losers. Don’t be a part of problem. Oh by the way, I don’t hide behind a fake name. Keith Shumate…505 Greenbriar Rd Greensboro, NC. Just honk the horn.

  5. A friend called me about this miserable web site. Highfill and Shumate were not benched for discipline reasons. Who would say something like that? Both of these kids work hard year round and keep their mouths shut. Both are doing some great things as are many other kids on the ghs team. Plain and simple ghs lost their number one and two arms about a week before the season. Hard times build character. If Coach Simmons wants to sit some of his players that is his or any coach’s choice and we support him. Yes the last coach and the present one are very good coaches. What I have a problem with is that this website baits the jealous, coward, punk comments that come from adults that prey on kids and try to destroy their reputations. I told my son long ago that if you work hard at this game the way he does that others will hate you and that they will hate you even more because of your last name. However, kids like Highfill and others don’t deserve the slander. The kids at ghs and at all the other high schools are not professional athletes and don’t deserve these attacks from people who call themselves fans and hide behind an alias and a computer screen. But people who never played the game have to get back any way they can. Here is a suggestion for this website. Make it a positive website where people go to check the scores. Drop the comment bullcrap where people hide behind anoymous names. The sponsors on this site need to know that high school parents will boycott their businesses over this crap. This site enables and fuels a poisonous atmosphere that already exists around high school athletics. Oh, by the way I don’t hide behind a computer screen like a punk. My name is Keith Shumate and I live at 505 Greenbriar Rd, greensboro, NC. Just honk the horn and I’ll be glad to meet you in the street.

  6. Glad to see Dudley and coach Farrer and Coach Crawford doing so well this season and not at all surprised. Very talented and well coach group of kids and look forward to some great games with them this summer. Good luck Dudley from down here in Chatham County.

  7. Coaches decisions are made and it is none of our business and we will try and stay out of it and as always our apologies if we have gone somewhere we don’t belong…

    We are doing some good in the community and many of the comments that come in here never make to the site and that is a good thing for all involved….

    We haven’t said anything bad about the programs in the county and we will continue to try and post the scores and the get the word out…

    Often times fans have questions and they post remarks or comments that could create problems and we learn quickly when a nerve has been struck and we try and adjust from the point on…

    Stick with us and as always, good luck to the teams and if there are problems, please bring them up with your coaches….

    We always get in trouble when it comes up on here and thanks to all for understanding…

  8. Andy,
    It may be a good time to implement a system where posters must first register before they can post comments. That way there will be no aliases. Just a thought.

  9. Yes come April 1st or around that time might be a real good time to get that started.

    This is obviouisly a site that many people come to and with it’s increase in popularity, we will have to keep changing with the times…..

    All things aside, the way we get the scores up here each night, seems to be a worthwhile proposition and it looks like this has been a good resource for the baseball fans…..

  10. You are not the first person to suggest that, and it’s certainly not a novel idea.
    Eddie Willis
    PS. Phone unlisted but will be glad to share my address especially if you will drop in to discuss high school sports and have a beer!

  11. Come on now! It is hard to beleive that Keith has been around Gboro this long and is just now discovering Andy’s site. Most all of the local hs players and their parents follow sports coverage at gs.com. Did Keith not read all of the good/positive things that have been said on here about his son?Why would a parent get so upset about a small matter like this? If the accusation is not true,what difference does it make? If it is true,what difference does it make? Lastly,why would anyone hate you just because your last name is Shumate? It’s not like Hitler or anything.

  12. Don,
    I would really be impressed with your support of Larry if you could only spell his name.
    Eddie W.

  13. Hey Andy,
    Check your own column on February 12, 2008 where you spelled it “Farrar” in your own write-up of Dudley baseball!!!!!!! IIf you are nothing else, you are flexible. You are dealing with a pro here, buddy. I’ve even figured out who Dale Fulton is. LOL!!!!!

  14. February 2008 was before I discovered MaxPreps, but with my track record and the reamaining flexibility in my left hand, I will probably miss it again and the real big deal on Larry’s name is getting the pronunciation right….It is Fairer and not Fararrrrr…

    Good topic and since I’ve been there on the name and gone to very many lengths and extents to get it right, I’ll give you props for your background checks…..

    I am the pro, but I need all the deputies that I can enlist and you can help lead the force with Dale, Don and others currently on the posse….

  15. Glad you spoke up Coach Keith. Kory and Sawyer are as good a kids as they come.

    To 77 Hornet’s position, make everyone register and then post in their real name. That would cut out some of the flaming.

  16. Eddie Willis,

    Let me say that I’m not trying to impress you in the least. I could care less what you think. Just glad to see Larry and Dudley doing so well. Great coach, better guy, and great bunch of kids. But again, I am not trying to impress you. Want to make sure I get that point across.

  17. I am a parent of a student at ghs. I am tired of people putting the blame on past and present coaches of the baseball team . If coach Simmons doesn’t play his cards right them I’m sure some disgruntled parent will get him fired too ! Grow up parents quit questioning the creditability of coaches . Grimsley is an ib school and it also offers Hebrew studies and rotc if the students schools do not offer those studies .all of those students that are in those programs are legal to be at ghs quit pointing fingers at past coaches . You have no idea or facts . Grimsley had a top 10 team a few years ago with some great players . Players that being scouts that will watch your kids play which in the past that has paid for some kids to go to college who could not have the finances to go before athletics . That is what it about college not living out a parents dream thank you Alan ash for all that you have done for kids in the past and for all you other parents let the new coach do his job leave kids alone !

  18. Thank you, ghs parent for speaking the truth. my point would be that GHS had a very competitive baseball team a couple years ago. We went 2 or 3 rounds into the playoffs and looked good for the future. As soon as a coaching change was made, the program went downhill quickly. Was it coaching or talent or a little of each?

    I gotta admit that GHS baseball was on the rise and is at the bottom right now.

  19. I want to apologize for my comments. They were not intended to hurt anyone. However, I can see how they could be interpreted that way. Again, I am sorry and I will refrain from entering any comments that can even come close to being interpreted the wrong way.

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