SEG at Dudley started then halted

They got the baseball game under way, but then the weather took over and the game was suspended in the top of the second inning with Southeast in front……

The game will resume at a later date with SEG at the plate in front 5-0.

Dudley 0
Game suspended in the top of the 2nd…Tevin Neal on the hill for Dudley and Ty Powell got the start for Southeast….

HR:SEG Tanner Hodgin with a three-run shot in the first……

SEG 19
Dudley 2

*****Glenn at Ragsdale PPD….*****


  1. The rain was already there. More like SEG was really glad to see 6 errors in 1 1/3 innngs

  2. Surely 6 errors is not an excuse! was it sunny in the top of the 1st or was it a pitcher to catcher inning?

  3. 2nd inning .. let’s not forget that. If i’m not mistaken Prov Grove was up 6-0. Mike…Nobody said anyone should be scared?
    Willis what are u asking was it raining from the start.. yes. Are 6 errors an excuse .. no that’s a fact. Just hate when small minded people come on and post less than informed posts. 2 earn runs all else from errors. Again I remember your post about RHS/SEG game. Not making excuses …there is plenty of game left to be played. Ask PROV GROVE & S ALAMANCE. Until then ..GL

  4. Why the personal inults? you dont know me from jack! I know there is plenty of game left, i think im speaking for everyone though when Dudley loses the crybaby excuses come out, its just getting old!!!

  5. Very few excuses from Dudley this season….Their record has been among the best and the game from Friday is not over yet…..It will have to be finished on another day and who knows??????

    We all are trading paint back and forth, but in the end let’s hope we all end up on the same team….

    Scattered games all over the place this week and some kids are down at the beach, I don’t think we will hit a normal pattern again until next week…

    Records look like right now

    Northern(7-2)…….That is close to a Six Pack Poll, but probably would have to invert or switch Dudley and Ragsdale……SEG would be #1 right now…..

  6. I did not post re:RHS versus SEG game! Definitely not small-minded, just opinionated. There’s nothing wrong with that, now is there? baseball in the area is down, and I still say Dudley is only middle of the pack @ best in their conference and in Guilford county for sure. Why all the hype this early in the year? End of the season, yes, but until then just play the game ( which you may not have done at a very high level). DHS will finish ahead of Grimsley, Page, and Southern Alamance but no one else—hence my middle of the pack prediction!!!! We’ll see, until then, I agree with Mike!!!!
    PS. My rankings below—
    Dudley ( ahead of NGHS if Carter did not pitch in a head to head matchup)
    PPS. We are not all on the same team by the way.

  7. Never meant to make a personal insult,
    All i said was I hate when small minded people come on and post less than informed posts. If this does not include you then it is not intended towards you. And no MIKE you don’t speak for everyone when you post that is your opinion and you are intitled to that. Willis I apologize because I accreditted someone else post to you.My mistake. ???. Until then you agree with MIKe about What?
    1. Saying nobody scared of Dudley ( completely unnecessary opinion ).
    2. What crybaby excuses (we only have 1 lost (fact)what are you posting about)
    3. Teams getting hype early in the season, or at end of season out of the teams you listed only 2 made it out of the 1st round WG & DHS.(fact)

    Willis I agree we are not all on the same team and that is part of the problem with athletics in this area. Its all about “MY TEAM” or “MY PLAYERS”. and until this stigma can be broken down WE will always continue in this never ending cycle.

    I have been on teams made up of players from all over the area and have gotten to know these young men & its sad to say we “ADULTS” should learn from them. A good ballplayer is a good ballplayer no matter what the uniform says. When that becomes true in Guilford county will be headed in the right direction

  8. Ragsdale can not be ranked ahead of Southeast Guilford. Southeast beat Ragsdale 9-2 last week at Ragsdale.

    Southeast is Number One and they are going all the way.

  9. just sick and tired of reading all of the whinning, crying and making excuses when “your team” doesnt win. you win some and lose some, just play ball!!!

  10. Mike, 1) no ones whining or crying or making excuses just retorting the comment “About the rain” (2)if your comment is directed towards me maybe you have issues with others sports like basketball and football since Dudley is usually favored to win. Because as was already stated this game is not over & we only have 1 lost so what basis are you making your post. You are right you win some you lose some that’s all part of the game.

  11. Delvon,
    Im sorry you are having a hard time understanding my post, im talking about in all sports, not just baseball (which i havent seen much of) but im sure i will.

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