Should they just tear down the old War Memorial Stadium?

cenforce super active Should they just tear down the old War Memorial Stadium and turn it into an open field????? After reading the new proposals last night, that sounds what they are trying to do in the long run…..Down-size, by tearing down…..

What do you think?

New Renovation Plan Proposed for War Memorial Stadium


  1. Good point. A&T should buy it and then lease it out when they are not using it. But I think they get it for a very good deal now so there is not much reason to buy it.

  2. Tear it down and then build it back. That’s what they usually do.

    A must deal for A&T.

  3. And when the Greensboro Coliseum gets old and run down…
    should UNCG buy it ? You seem to want a college bailout program.

  4. UNCG has a basketball arena…A&T has no baseball facility of their own; therefore, it makes sense for A&T to buy the facility adjacent to their campus that they currently rent.

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