High School Baseball Tonight 4/16/2010 Finals

Mukacheve NEG 10
Southwestern Randolph 0

http://place-des-coachs.com/coaching-coach-personnel-professionnel-dans-ma-ville/coaching-limousin/coach-personnel-limoges/ Northern Guilford 20
Eastern Guilford 8

WP: Bradley Burchette
George Carter: 4-4, 7 rbi, grand slam hr, 2 doubles

http://stneotsdbt.co.uk/Ueditor/controller.ashx?action=catchimage SWG 11
Ragsdale 7

WP:Brock Hudgens
LP:Zach Hodges
HR:Ragsdale-Walt Sparks

SWG 11 621 020 x 11 10 4
Ragsdale 7 203 101 0 7 8 5
RHS(12-3/6-1) SWG(15-4/5-3)

Bob Doss Memorial winners were Page and Dudley….

buy Seroquel with american express Page 4
Grimsley 3

WP:Trevor Brackett
LP:Tucker Rogers
HR:Page-Felix Delgado
Grimsley-David “DJ” Reader

Dudley 15
Smith 1

WP:Eric Kimber
LP:Xavier Wallace
HR:Dudley-Brandon Burkes
Triple:Dudley-Eric Kimber

High Point Central 1

WP:Garrett Stell
HR:NWG-Nathan Decker
Mitchell “Hugh” Haley


  1. SWG 11 621 020 x 11 10 4
    Ragsdale 7 203 101 0 7 8 5

    pretty wild game at SW tonight. Walt Sparks got Ragsdale off to a great start with a 2 run HR over the left field fence to start the game. But SWG sent ten to the plate and took a 6-2 lead after one. Lots of hard hit balls flying all over the place tonight. Lots of errors on both sides too. Five for Ragsdale and four for SWG. Zack Hodges lasted only two innings and took the loss. Brock Hudgens pitched all the way for SWG. He pitched well late, striking out the last five batters, thirteen for the game.

    The errors really cost Ragsdale. They also left a lot of men on base. Lost a run at a play at the plate. Four times had a runner on third with one out or less and couldn’t get the run in. Ben Fultz was 2-3, HR, W, RBI. Sparks was 1-3, HR, W, 2 RBIs, 2 runs. DeSean Anderson was 2-3. SWG hit well throughout their line up.

    With the loss Ragsdale is 12-3, 6-1 in the conference. Still in first but they gotta beat E Forsyth Monday night to stay there. Brutal schedule next week. East Forsyth Monday, NW Gulford Tuesday and Glenn on Wednesday thanks to two make up games.

  2. In yesterday’s game, you have to give a lot of the credit to the Page pitcher Trevor Brackett and the Page defense that was backing him up….They played well when they had to.

    I spoke with Grimsley coach Jason Simmons before the game and he is trying hard and his team should could sure use a few breaks, but they willl have to create them on their own.

    DJ Reader hit the ball hard every time and Daniel Massey had a steady game in right field and he also hits the ball very hard during each at bat.

    Coach Simmons is a stand-up guy and his time will come if the Whirlies will stick with him….

  3. Saw the game, and only remember Reader hitting the ball hard one time and that was the HR—didn’t he K at least once?. Slow hands through the ball and poor balance @ the plate. He’s out on the front foot a lot. Massey looks good but needs work at the plate—looks like $1MM on one swing and then looks like a tee ball player on the next. Grimsley kids are not as bad as people think—having their two pitchers would really help them.

  4. Reader hit one on the ground to the Page shortstop that ate the SS up and it was charged as an error…The way that ball was coming through the infield I would have given him a hit and gave the SS a BC powder….

    An aluminum bat in Reader’s hands is a dangerous weapoon, but your points are well-taken and there are many things he can do to imporve his game, and from what I hear, DJ love baseball.

  5. Have faith grimsley fan…. It was a very well played and entertaining ball game between Page and your Whirlies last night. Grimsley came within a base hit of winningand has nothing to hang their heads about. It is clear to see that both squads have a very bright future ahead and this should remain a good and competitive rivalry.

    Unfortunately your Whirlies were dealt with some devestating injuries to start the year and are still not close to being healthy. There is not typically a lot of depth in high school ball so losing 2 starting position players who also happen to be the #1 and #2 starting pitchers digs a hole so deep that not many programs can climb out of.

    Any baseball team is only as good that day as the kid toeing the rubber, so keep the faith that things will get better. Coach Simmons is experienced and dedicated to putting a winner on the field. The present win-loss record is no representation of the quality or commitment of the coaching staff. Keep tabs on the boys during summer ball and I believe you will have a better feeling as to where the program is going.

  6. Northern, If your gonna pull all your starters in the 2nd inning, then pull them all. Again the same 2 kids never pulled from the game, i see a trend here. politics stink!!

  7. Only 5 errors recorded for Ragsdale but if book keep properly then their would have been 7 errors

  8. page only had 4 hits but score 4 runs. Trey Dobson 1b had 2 and made some nice plays at 1st. solo hr by delgado proved to be the difference. Brackett pitched well for pirates.

  9. grimsley vs. page: a classic struggle between two below average teams. i’m wondering if grimsley parents are happy with a losing program. any comments? please, no excuses about injuries. good coaches win with what they have.

  10. Gee Whiz!!! I didn’t know Carter scored all 20 runs.

    Maybe if u allowed equal access to the field, it wouldn’t have been so embarressing.

  11. Hey Bird Dog,
    DJ Reader has hit balls that you cant even fathom how far they have gone. You do not play baseball, so you should not be critiquing other people’s swings. Maybe your kid just doesn’t play so you feel the need to put down other players. Thats it, GET A LIFE!!!

  12. SWG/Ragsdale was fun to watch although not a defensive gem. Lot of college signees in this game. Tons of hard hit balls. Even though Hudgens gave up 7 runs I thought he looked great. Threw 3 pitches for strikes, had upper 80’s velo, wicked curve and pitched a complete game, although I wouldn’t want to know his pitch count. Some of his runs were unearned. SWG hit it solid and got some production from the lower half of their lineup while Ragsdale did not. Ragsdale had a terrible defensive game although some of the outfield errors could go either way. Balls were dropped but the speed of the kids allowed them to get there. Another player would not have gotten a glove on it. I liked the Orth kid, especially for a freshman. Big frame, lots of upside, and a lefty. After seeing both teams a few times now I’m not sure where a couple of these kids will play in the field when in college. Hudgens looked the part of a D1 pitcher. Ragsdale on the other hand could use some pitching help. No dominant guy. Can’t afford to make errors.

  13. “good coaches win with what they have”…is that the best cliche that you could think of to compensate for your total lack of baseball knowledge. Stay out of blogs unless you can contribute something useful.

  14. ex-whirlie fan, quit trying to sir the pot about something you know nothing about. it’s evident you are not a Page or Grimsley fan so quit trying to make something out of nothing.

    I think I hear your ex-intelligence calling….sorry, no one home!!

  15. He may have, but not off good pitching! if you knew anything, you would see it yourself—not dissing the player, it’s just the truth. Ignore it if you wish or ask someone who knows more than you do.
    bird dog

  16. To ok, Seniors do earn that right, the only problem is the 2 players thet were left in were each a sophomore and a junior. I agree with GOHEELS, politics do stink. its all who you know.

  17. Is Stephen Mekita not a good enough pitcher? Conference player of the year last year maybe???? Reader hit a ball about 500 ft into the trees against Mekita. Learn your facts before you talk again because you sound dumb because you know nothing about baseball

  18. I have seen Reader several times going back over a 3 year span. He has continually struggled to even put the ball in play in HS against Ragsdale who has an average staff. He does a good job hitting pitcher mistakes. He does have a good swing, bat quickness will come. Still say his future is at DT.

    As to Mekita, he hit a 83 mph fastball. If you throw it 83 and they know whats coming most good hitters will hit that.

  19. I hope Grimsley Baseball parents are happy. With Sutphin, Carter, Dimock, Highfill, Dunn, Massey, Lay Lay Brown, Rose, Reader, and Rogers would have been tough to beat.

  20. To Go Heels, Puppeteer, and NG,

    Quit your wining!! Just be happy those kids are getting a chance to improve their skills by being part of the team. Several of these kids should not even be on the team!!
    Look how big the roster is, you can’t find playing time for 18 to 19 kids and make everyone happy!!

  21. To whining,
    Nobody said to put 18-19 kids on the roster. If u would have cutback from the get go, those kids would have playing time on the JV side. All the other HS have about 15 tops. Bottom line is that u know its all political, but you all won’t admit it.

  22. Hey It is a Shame. Didn’t three of the kids you mentioned graduate last year?

    This is a public school and this is 2010. You can’t live in the past and you can’t reclassify. Don’t you have some up-to-date pertinent information to share or are you still turning the pages in faded yearbooks.

    Don’t forget to get in line to buy your 2009 Tarheels National Championship merchandise.

  23. To WINING,
    You must be part of the politic party, did you receive a free game shirt ? or did you give them out ?

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