SEG vs. DC ppd again…

NCHSAA Round Two Baseball Playoffs:

Southeast Guilford vs Davie County postponed AGAIN –now Thursday at 7pm…..

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  1. I would love to hear the viewpoints of the eliminated Southwestern 4-A conference coaches (Providence, AK, South Meck, and E. Meck) on what they think about their #5 team a wild card, Myers Park, making it to round 3. I am sure they would be cordial and say yeah that’s great! But down deep I bet they would say that there is no way they get to round 3 in a series format! What does the regular season mean for them? Apparently nada!

    It appears a series format works for Texas and Georgia………….. If NC wants to be a top flight baseball state then step up to the plate and be that. One game, in baseball, is not an indication of who a better team is. You beat me twice then you are better.

    Why did every coach I have ever had tell me and my teammates that “baseball isn’t like football or basketball where the better team almost always wins because of being more athletic, baseball is a game dependent on more variables then who is more athletic, i.e. who is on the mound and so on and so forth.” I know what I am talking about having played collegiately, coach currently and hold a masters degree in Exercise and Sport Studies with a concentration in coaching.

    Check the two links to Georgia and Texas below and look at their formats and tell me it wouldn’t work. And don’t say it wouldn’t because of starting at 4pm. Play one game Friday night and two on Saturday with game 3 if necessary.

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