A couple of All-State selections we may have missed out on

North Carolina Indepenendt Schools Athletic Association…..
Baseball All-State Members

Cameron Hendrix (High Point Wesleyan)
Tommy King (Greensboro Day School)

*****Tommy King is working as an intern with the Greensboro Grasshoppers as he completes his senior project along with GDS basketball player Jimbo Brumley…..Jimbo and Tommy have been Hoppers’ interns for the last few weeks of the school year…..*****


  1. The internships that the boys are doing is great. Basketball standout Brandon Dorsett is working at the spears YMCA. Track Start Corey Arvinger is working with a christian sports marketing/management program. Basketball player Lucas Weavil is working at his old school in California, PG Christian Pulliam with rehab. Pitcher Houstoun Harrington is working with Murphy Wainer. This is just some of the great projects the student-Athletes are doing

  2. Congratulations Cam! Very nice honor. Not to mention your TWO RINGS!!! Lots of Hard Work over the past several off-seasons! I’m also hearing you may be going to a local university to play on a baseball scholarship. HARD WORK PAYS-OFF!!!

  3. Tommy King is definitely one of the most outstanding players I have ever had the pleasure to coach. His dedication and determination are un-matched. I always worry about how much exposure our independant kids get. All I know is the two young men (Cam & Tommy) can play on the same level as any player in the area.

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