The search is on at Wake Forest University

Wake Forest is searching for any members of former baseball All-American Charlie Tegue’s family.

Contact the Athletic Directors office ASAP.

Mr. Charlie Teague is in the College Baseball Hall of Fame.


  1. Andy,
    If you get any information, please let me know, and I can forward to the appropriate person in the Deacon Club.

  2. I have forwarded information to Chris Phillips and he is in touch with WFU. This factual info from very reliable source.

  3. Ed,

    I feel good about this info and you can tell them it came from Andy Durham at…….

  4. We just got this in from Charlie Teague’s son, Charles C. Teague III tonight(5/31/2010) and there a quite a few of us that spent quite a bit of time at Charlie Teague’s Sporting Goods Store…..A great man and a super baseball coach….

    from Charles C. Teague III:

    Charles Teague Jr was my Father. I live in Greensboro where Dad had his Sporting Goods Store.
    He was in poor health and passed away in 1996. My sister and I wish he could be here to receive his award.
    Thanks to all whom helped him throughout his career.

  5. from Charlie Teague’s grandson Casey Rierson(6/1/2010):

    Charlie Teague was my Grandfather on my Mothers side.I was blessed to be part of his life.He helped make me what I am today.He also taught me the love for baseball.I used to help him in his store when I was a young child and will always cherrish his love for family.Thank you all for your kind words.

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