Desean Anderson(Ragsdale HS) taken by the Boston Red Sox

Desean Anderson[OF](Ragdale HS Tigers) was selected in the 30th Round of today’s Major League Baseball Draft by the Boston Red Sox…..

Desean was overall pick #923 in today’s selection of the First-Year players….

Congratulations to Desean, his dad Derek, his mom and his entire family on this outstanding accomplishment…

Congrats are also in order for the Ragsdale Tiger program as for the second consecutive year, they have a player from their program selected in the MLB Draft…Last year Nick McBride was taken by the Texas Rangers….

Good job Desean and we will be pulling for you to make it the show one day the road…..Greenville, South Carolina, with the Greenville Drive, by 2011 would be nice too…

*****Food for thought note:
The Red Sox might have been hiding Desean with that low pick and he still might get offered a good deal….

The NY Yankees did the same thing with Garrison Lassiter a couple of years ago and it was all worked out before the draft and he still got high draft pick money since he was willing to work with the team to help them with the picks….*****


  1. Desean words just can’t express how excited I am for you. I can’t wait to make a road trip to see you play whether it be in columbia or where ever the rookie league sends you. Whether it be now, or 3 years from now, u made it sweet D!

  2. Congrats to him for getting picked by the red sox; Hopes he make a good decision and follow his heart/

  3. Way To Go Desean!! I am so proud and excited for you ! Whatever decision you make we will be supporting you!

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