Who will lead the Grimsley Whirlies at the 7 on 7’s on Saturday at Eastern Guilford?

http://awarenessmysteryvalue.org/2016/a02c-re-checklist-for-managers-planners-teachers-and-supporters/ The Grimsley Whirlies are due to be at the 7 on 7 football workouts Saturday at Eastern Guilford and we were wondering who will be leading the Whirlie team?

ordering Misoprostol from canada without a prescription Word coming out today, that Coach Martin Samek has stepped down as the Whirlies’ head football coach and that Coach Corio, Coach Pat Neal and Coach Hayes will be left to lead the team….

Coach Corio was the Whirlies’ wrestling coach last season and I have heard good words, about the job he did leading and coaching the wrestlers, and Coach Pat has been with the Whirlies for a few years now, and he knows the kids…..Coach Hayes is a long-time runningbacks coach in the city and he also has a handle on what is going on, with Whirlie football program…

The team should be in good hands on Saturday with Coach Corio, Coach Neal and Coach Hayes and any of those men would do a good job of running the Grimsley football program if called upon to be in charge of the team as the regular season approaches….

Grimlsey is looking and hopefully they will take a good look at the three men mentioned above as they prepare to decide on who will be their new football coach….


  1. Let’s see 4 coaches in 5 years. A winning baseball coach is fired…….. Will basketball be next?

  2. They hired a good young coach and within a year had done anything tey could to make him quit. It’s a no-win situation at Grimsley as long as the current leadership is intact. No support=losing. Good luck to whomever jumps into that mess.

  3. You can give some of the blame to the parents that insist that unskilled players be given playing time in all sports at Grimsley, but the majority of the blame has to go to the ad/principal for listening to the parents instead of telling the parents that unless the kids get better, they won’t play. It is a tough world out there and the administration at Grimsley is not teaching the kids what life is really about.

  4. If you let the unskilled players play where is their motivation to improve?
    The guys who have worked hard to reach a certain level of play should only be taken out to rest, not so less skilled guys have a chance.
    The more skilled guys are less likley to land good scholarships, if they even get an offer at all from a college.
    Plus these unskilled guys are going to get hurt.Dont take time away from the ones that deserve it.

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