GDS and HPC see results in summer workouts

Greensboro Day School finished third at the University of North Carolina team basketball camp last week in Chapel Hill…..The Bengals have put together, a strong series of summer workouts, that paid off last week at the Carolina Team Camp…

High Point Central won the 7 on 7’s at Eastern Guilford last Saturday, with Drew Adams and Derek Grant hooking up and putting on quite a show…..(Page and Dudley looked very good too and I for one, would love to see Page-HPC or Dudley-HPC again this season, when the real pig gets going)……Dudley and Central met last year in the playoffs, but Central is much-improved, over that team from 2009……

Next year should be even bigger for the Holt Brothers Foundation and their 7 on 7 event at their alma mater Eastern Guilford and we hope to get a final report in soon, from the EG Wildcats head coach, Scott Loosemore.

It is possible that might be a co-sponsor of the EG 7 on 7’s in 2011, since we gave the event such good coverage this year….We must have had news on the EG 7 on 7 on the site at least 7-8 times prior to the event and then we had two updates, up here the day of the event……

High Point Central will be back in action this week with their next 7 on 7 coming up on Wednesday(tomorrow) and we will have more on this activity later on today as we get more information….Many of our cover people, are running through town with the reports and as they try to avoid the authourities in this extreme heat, and it can get tough, trying to bring home the scoop…..We will have if for you and remember, if you don’t want it printed, don’t say it, or don’t do it dog……..

More from the home front later today….


  1. Please not this year Andy, GDS did not play anybody @ the UNC camp. I just went online and and look at the teams that attended the camp, and me and the guyss @ my dads chess club meeting on thursay (all over 50) could have finished in the top 3.

  2. GDS should contend for the State Championship once they get their guard system in place and they should also be poised to re-gain the Pizza Hut championship belt….

  3. I agree with blowing hot air, there is no way they will win the state championship or win the pizza hut championship (all the teams are weak in the pizza hut tournament) I am willing to put it all up? and if they dont win andy you cant write about them for a entire year….. lol they just dont have the kids and the other schools are getting better. the scouts are not looking @ GDS PLAYERS after the bad track record. jonny from NCS, the kid that went to wake forrest, the other big kids that nobody heard from since they left GDS the branndon kid last year and the big 6-10 kid he has been @ GDS for a year and he has not getting better. Sorry!!!!! freddy so if your kid goes to GDS please transfer bc they will not fullful there or advance there basketball careers there. and being reak its the old system freddy plays…..

  4. Andy,

    You need to get off of this GDS kick. This is going to be one of their worst teams in years. If they don’t win the Pizza Hut Coach Johnson needs to quit. The public schools have bees so weakened by the private schools that they may have to let fans in for free in order to get anyone in the stands.

  5. Greensboro Day School versus Oak Ridge Military Academy for the Guilford County private schools championship on 2011 MLK Day at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center……

    Holla if you hear me!!!!!

    Let’s settle this thing once and for all………

  6. Please quit posting unintelligent comments. It is a waste of time for the people who enjoy reading the board for local sports info.

    blowing hot air… unc’s team camp is by invitation only so it can’t be that bad …rodney purvis is the #1 pg in the class of 2013 in the country, tyler lewis is the top pg in the state for 2012, st vincent st marys, phoebus, tift, ravenscroft are all very good programs

    blowing hot air 2… i think i read an article about johnny thomas graduating from nc state after 3 years — that is rather impressive for anyone much less someone who has to balance a sport into their studies. doesn’t education come 1st?

    Oak Ridge will be loaded and well coached this upcoming season and i anticipate a very good season for their program

  7. Hot air 2-
    I know the private schools have to hype their product just to survive, but please don’t keep taking cheap shots at the public schools by saying the PHI field is weak. At last check, Northeast and Northern went deep in the playoffs. Ragsdale did win their conference and did ok in the playoffs. Northwest won their conference tournament. Smith and Grimsley represented well in their conference. With the exception of maybe Northern, all of the above teams have some decent returning players so PHI not as weak as you portray. Just because your favorite private not invited, no need to bash the field. There will be good basketball played this winter.

    You really come off as someone subtly trying to steer future public players not to consider GDS but your brand of private school ball.

    Last check, your school sent as many players to D-I schools on bball scholly’s as Caldwell this year. So some of that bite not as bad as the bark.

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