Greensboro Colt Baseball from Wednesday evening at WMS

from War Memorial Stadium on Wednesday night and with the games on Wednesday and the regular season wrapping up, Eastern Guilford will finish first in the regular season, with a record so far of (11-1) and EG would claim the top seed in the post-season tournament, that runs July 10-12…….

Northeast Guilford 8
Western Guilford 4


Eastern Guilford 8
Dudley 4

WP:Tyler Wolf
LP:Corey Kimber



  1. Watch out for Western to make a run in the colt league playoffs. They have a star studded lineup with great pitching as well

  2. Are you sure about that Eastern record? According to the colt website, Northwest beat them 5-3 and I saw the Grimsley game where I know they lost 9-7…At least 2 losses. There are alot of colt players that watch the website and the colt people have not posted standings all year. It would be great if you could post an up to date standings so the players could get a sense of where the teams stand going into the last weekend.

  3. I spoke with the Colt people last night and I thought Eastern had two losses also.

    The Grimsley game last week was their first loss….The NWG loss was a second time through game loss for EG….They had already played NWG once and they won that one and the second game was just a game that they were playing against NWG because High Point Andrews dropped out of the league and the teams wanted to play a second EG-NWG game to get a game in for the game work….

    Each team is only set to play each other once during the regular season and any second-time-through games would not count for or against their record…

    13 teams and you should get in 13 games….SWG is way behind and may not get all 13 in before the tournament, July 10-12,, but it won’t effect the final standings….

    I hope this makes sense to you and we have been posting the standings as we have been able to get them from the COLT site all season and we will work to get the new standings up by no later than Friday morning…..

  4. Eastern Guilford beat NWG the first time 7-1 and NWG won the second-time through game 5-3, but the second-time-through game didn’t count in the standings….

    We will hope to have the updated standings here on the site in the morning…It will take a while but plan to have it for you….

  5. Give those Wildcats some credit! They are comprised a about 9 0r 10 rising juniors and a rising sophomore who, if they stay together at the varsity level, will be making some noise next spring! GO CATS!

  6. Anybody wonder what the Southeast Jr. Legion team would be like in the Colt League?

  7. SE would dominate since Colt has the rules of playing for the school you attend. I don’t think Legend has boundries and can pull players.

  8. All of Southeast Jr. Legion is Southeast players mostly JV players and some rising 9th graders. JV. team went 17-3, I believe this pass spring.

  9. Southeast Guilford Legion has better all around pitching than any of the Colt teams. Southeast’s pitching would dominate the local Colt leageu.

  10. SE Guilford Jr Legion is not a colt league team they are a travel team and they should not be playing colt. I’ve noticed that the better players don’t play colt league. GBC and NCBA have showcase teams that are the same age as SE Junior Legion team. Schedule and beat those two teams that might be something but against colt league noway. I’d like to see SE against GBC in a best 2 out 3. Or NCBA in a 2 out of 3

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