SEG v EG 7 on 7 from Wednesday

Southeast Guilford had their third 7 on 7 workout of the HS football pre-season, when they faced Eastern Guilford at SEG, back on Wednesday….

SEG and Eastern both posted solid offensive numbers, but Southeast had the edge and both defenses need a lot of work….

Southeast Guilford will look to rotate Will Greene and Austin Bain at quarterback this season and both young men have a strong arm and this should help the Falcons on Friday nights….Brent Frazier will be a primary receiving target and he comes in with experience on the SEG Falcon Varsity and JV team in 2010….

We have been talking quite a bit about the top SEG RB this week, and that will be Mike Fields and he will need some help, with carrying the load, as SEG has been primarily a running team in the past.

Seth Stone will anchor the line up front and he should provide senior leadership for his fellow-offensive/defensive linemen….

More on the teams as the reports come in …..

Again there was lot of offense for both SEG and EG on Wednesday, with the edge going to SEG, but both defenses need a lot of work…..


  1. IF SE had the edge then I am blind Andy. Were you even there or did you get that piece of info. from a SE fan. It seems like you get on kicks on certain teams and or coaches and they can do no wrong. I beg to differ and say that EG got the best of SE offensively and defensively.

  2. I have my sources. Tell Eastern to send us something, I haven’t heard a thing from the Cats in about two weeks..

    Usually they are in the loop…

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