Brock Lesnar retains UFC Title as he rallies to force Shane Carwin to suubmit

With Jim Ross, the Texas Rattlesnake, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Bill Goldberg, and Paul Heyman all looking on, former WWE Champion and now the undiputed top-draw in all of MMA Fighting, Brock Lesnar, won in Round Two last night in Las Vegas, to retaiin his UFC Heavyweight Title, with a submission over Shane Carwin…..

Lesnar forced Carwin to tap out and now Brock Lesnar has become possibly, the biggest name in UFC history……CLICK HERE to read all and check out the highlights below…..

LAS VEGAS — Brock Lesnar rallied from a horrific first-round beating to stop Shane Carwin with a choke in the second round, defending his heavyweight title at UFC 116 on Saturday night.

Lesnar (5-1), the intimidating former pro wrestler and the UFC’s biggest pay-per-view star, won his first fight in nearly a year despite taking a pounding in the opening minutes from Carwin, the previously undefeated interim champion.

Lesnar took down Carwin in the second round and got Carwin in an arm triangle choke, forcing Carwin to tap out at the MGM Grand Garden.

“I knew he was getting tired,” Lesnar said. “Each shot was less dramatic than the other. … I stand before you a humble champion, and I’m still the toughest (guy) around.”

Lesnar canceled two previous bouts with Carwin (12-1) after developing an intestinal illness that nearly killed him. His first bout since UFC 100 showcased his improving mixed martial arts skills alongside his brute toughness – and he celebrated relatively humbly, with none of the arrogance and bad sportsmanship he showed after beating Frank Mir in his last fight.