Southeast Guilford falls in game three at Mooresville

Mooresville 6
Southeast Guilford 4

*****SEG gave up 4 unearned runs in the first inning and that was enough as Mooresville moves on to Round Two of the State Junior American Legion Baseball Playoffs…..Mooresville wins best-of-three series with SEG, 2 games to one…..*****


  1. The story of our season was played out again, excellent pitching but not enough hitting (players) and/or moving runners (coaching). Mooresville also made some fantastic defensive plays during the series. They were certainly stronger than us defensively the last game. I think they had pretty well used up their pitching.

    I think Mooresville had to fight a little harder than they had planned on based on the coaches and fan reaction. Not the picture of sportsmanship you might expect from the fans or coaches. The players however were well behaved.

    If SE team can start hitting consistently then the JV and V team should be strong next year.

  2. SEFan, thanks for your input. I hope we were correct with the score and details.

  3. The team that catches the ball, throws the ball and hits usually wins. We could not do the first two and thus lost. We need to work on making the routine plays. Hitting was fine just right at them. Our baserunning hurt us all weekend. All in all this team will be pretty good down the road. If they play as a team and forget about stats winning will take care of itself. Just make the play!

  4. Can’t leave off speed stuff up high in the zone with 2 strikes or keep throwing fast balls down the pipe against a team like Mooresville. They can hit and are not scared to swing the bat. You also have to make the routine plays as KC said and SE missed a few of those in both losses to Mooresville. Also remember that Mooresville was a combination of the best players from 3 or 4 high schools I heard. SE was one school. Like sefan said, Mooresville knew they had to play hard to win. They even brought in their top pitcher again to close out the third game.

    Didn’t see the dominating level of pitching that some people keep referring to from the SE Team. Newton, Jacobelli, and Flinchum are good, sometimes really good, at times excellent, and they are improving and will definitely help the Varsity team next year at SE but Jr. Legion is hit or miss as to the quality of the teams. Some of the hitting was pretty soft. A few good kids coming up for the JV also for SE. It should be a good year next year in baseball.

    It’s not all on the coaches with moving the runners either. A few kids were missing signs all season long the way I saw it as an observer and most of the baserunning errors were on the kids making bad decisions.

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