Will LeBron James go to Miami or New York or will he stay in Cleveland?

THe big LeBron James announcement is set for tonight at 9pm with an one-hour special on ESPN, and will he join Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami, or does he go to New York and hook up with Amare Stoudemire?????

Here’s what a few sources are saying, with the inside lean being, that he hits the floor next season with the Miami Heat, but 53% of the Cleveland fans polled said he is staying in Cleveland…..How many of you will be watching tonight for this event that could set a new trend for athletes announcing their future considerations…..Nothing like a poolside or fireside chat…….

Here’s what they are saying:
from Dan Le Batard Miami Herald by way of the Charlotte Observer….

Literally overnight, the Miami Heat became the most interesting, most famous, most envied, most targeted, most talented and most feared basketball team on the planet.

It would appear, by all indications and late-night reports stretching from ESPN to Newsday, that gangster Pat Riley has somehow landed LeBron James, too. Greedy and gluttonous and totally insatiable, he has reportedly persuaded three stars to align in sharing the ball, the stage, the glory and the championships.

Let that marinate. Any team in the league would have been thrilled to get either James or Dwyane Wade or Chris Bosh for maximum millions. But Riley got all three of them for South Florida. And discounted.

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Local basketball product P.J. Hairston talked about what’s being call, “The LeBron James Circus”, with the News and Record at Click Here…..


  1. LeBron is going to the Bobcats in the biggest surprise move of all (especially since they are not courting him). MJ is coming out of retirement again to form an upstoppable team. LeBron will finally get his championship in Charlotte or wherever the former Hornets use to play.

    Can you tell I am not much of an NBA fan?

  2. But, the real question is, “Will you be watching tonight”?

    How about the rest of you, will you be watching tonight will King James makes his decision known???????

  3. I cant seem to understand what the hype is about Lebron. He didnt make Clevland a champion and he wont make anyone else a champion. I would have went after D. Wade and C. Bosh and with a strong point guard you have a winner. with Labron you have a player that has yet to find a true position (Is he a 2,3, or 4). He is a great player with great talent but he has a lot of work to do to be a champion.

    NO! I wont be watching il be watching TNA.

  4. Just heard that LeBron may be jumping to Bulls. If he goes to the Bulls that means big bucks and he is entitled to it. He is the best player in the NBA.

    YES SIR! Will be watching every minute tonight with 15-20 of my friends. This ought to be on a pay per view channel. I’d pay $30.00 to see it.

    Long live LeBron. Long live King James!

  5. I will not be watching! Who really cares where any of them go at this point? We have reached a real low point in entertainment when we have an hour of ESPn allocated to where LeBron James plays basketball. Do you think Nike will be the major advertiser?

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