7 on 7’s Monday night at Elon University

In the games we were watching with Page and NWG among the Guilford County teams in action it was:

Page 3 scores
Wake-Forest Rolesville 1 score……
*****James Summers two TD passes to Jarod Purvis and one to Orlando/Junior Hatfield….Aaron Bethea had two picks for the Page defense….Ed Britt also active on defense and on offense we saw DJ Caldwell, Dylan Sykes, Tuc Phan, Drew Rogers, Summers, Hatfield and Purvis among those that were getting the job done…..*****

In the other game we had the chance to take in it was:
Northwest Guilford 4 scores
Chapel Hill 1 score…..
*****For NWG it was four touchdown passes for Matt Pawlowski to four different receivers….
#1 Matt Pawlowski to Alex Pauley
#2 Matt P to Chris Ealey and this TD was set up by a long Pawlowski pass to Reid Baxter
#3 Matt P to Tommer A.
#4 Matt P to Kyle Kristy
NWG one interception and Chapel Hill one interception….*****

Among the schools at the Monday night 7 on 7 were:
Raleigh Sanderson
Wake-Forest Rolesville
Burlington Williams
North Central HS from South Carolina
Raleigh Leesville Road
Northwest Guilford


  1. Page went on to beat Raleigh Sanderson 4-1
    and Chapel Hill 4-2

    Page used the 2nd string O and D on numerous occasions during the evening.

  2. Looks like we have some new talent in our area to watch. Nice to see these QB’S spread the ball around like that. Shows great down field vision for these guys.

  3. Agreed. There was scoring for both the first and second string for Page! Both looked strong. Looks like another great year ahead for the pirates!

  4. Agreed! Scoring for Page by both the first and second string teams! Great job. Looks like another strong season ahead for the pirates.

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