Greensboro Colt Baseball Title on the line tonight at WMS

Tuesday July 13, 2010 CHAMPIONSHIP GAME
7:00 Southwest vs Eastern Guilford

This should make for a fine tournament title tilt/bout…….Matt Orth from SWG could be the key factor in this game. He also could be the next Big Thing when it comes to baseball in Guilford County, at least on the high school and amateur levels….

Orth has already committed to the University of North Carolina, at the end of his freshman year for the SWG Cowboys and remains a big part of what will be happening in that Southwest lineup tonight….

There was talk on the radio yesterday, about the NCAA implementing a new practice, where the colleges and universities could no longer offer or extend early commitments to the high school underclassman, before the start of their senior year in HS. This would eliminate all the early commitments from the freshmen, sophomores and juniors….

Orth becomes the next Big Deal, as kids like Desean Anderson, Ray Crawford Jr., Brock Hudgens, Macon Smith, Ben Fultz, Cal Sutphin, Mike Whited and others move on to college and Orth falls in line behind kids Josh Tobias, DJ Reader, Casey Jones and Brandon Burkes, who are already drawing interest from schools all over the country, with a few of these kids calling out their college choices this past school year….

Orth is a big force, but he has some very steady teammates and Eastern will bring on guys such as Adam Gunn, Tyler Wolf, Ryan Hackett and many more Wildcats who probably feel like they want a piece of Orth and SWG and EG wants this Championship.

Eastern did not have all that great of a school baseball season, but this has been a great summer of ball for EG. They were the regular season Champs and now they look to take the Tournament title too…There is a lot of unity on this Eastern team and one of the big questions is, “who will be pitching for EG tonight”?

EG used Adam Gunn last night, so we’ll have to see if Tyler Wolf is available or if Ryan Hackett may get the nod…..If Orth goes for SWG, it could be “lights out” at the old ballpark, but if Orth pitched this past weekend, he would not be available……Maybe it will be the Matt Dale kid for SWG or Kyle Miller or maybe it will be, “just wait and see”….

Looking forward to this game this evening between two very good teams, with two excellent coaches in Hackett and Holmes…….

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  1. It will be wolfe pitching tonight for the cats be he will be on a very short leash i have heard. Gunn could come in and close it out if they needed him to throw a inning or two but not much. Just look for the bats to be the deciding part in this one tonight!

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