Greensboro Colt Baseball Championship belongs to Southwest Guilford

Southwest Guilford 10
Eastern Guilford 6

WP:Kyle Miller
Matt Orth three hits including two doubles and Cody Sickmiller had two doubles for the Cowboys….

Congrats to the Cowboys and it was a good season turned in by the Eastern Guilford Wildcats…


  1. Kyle Miller started on the mound for SW. He pitched into the fourth inning and left with an 8-5 lead. He ended up giving up 2 earned runs. SW made several early errors. Sean Geoghean came in to relieve Kyle in the 4th. Matt Orth pitched the final three innings. Matt Orth had three hits 2 doubles and a single, Cody Sickmiller had 2 doubles, Will Mespelt had one hit as well as Kyle and Brian Miller one hit each…….

  2. Again, I want to thank Kevin Miller for sending this our way last night…..

    I put up a post asking for a score on the game and for game details and that was at around 10pm……

    I waited by the computer for about an half hout and no repsonse and then Kevin came through for us….Without his efforts, we would not have had the score last night….

    Good job by the Cowboys with Orth, Sickmiller, Geoghean, Mespelt, the Millers and others coming through….

    I was with the Greensboro Grasshoppers last night and couldn’t be at the SWG-EG game, but thanks to people like Kevin Miller, we were able to have the score, here on the site, on Wednesday evening….

    We call out and the community responds and that is what teamwork is all about….

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