Update on Oak Ridge Military Academy Basketball

Current updated summer ORMA basketball info, from the staff at Oak Ridge Military Academy…….

Below is information on our players as well as where they will be playing in the
latter part of July:

buy Misoprostol australia no prescription Class of 2011

Jacob Lawson – 6’8″ forward – tremendous athlete with soft hands and good touch
around the basket. He runs the floor and finished exceptionally well. Can also
step out and shoot the 3. Top 100 player nationally in his class. High major
Division I prospect with several offers from those level schools already. Good
student with a 3.1 GPA. (Playing with CP3 17U in Super Showcase and 17U Nationals in Orlando)

Chris Jones – 5’11” point guard – great scorer that wants the ball in his hands
in crucial situations. Prolific scorer that makes great decisions in traffic
and shoot the 3 point shot from deep. Verbally committed to Tennessee.

Michael Neal – 6’2″ point guard – very strong handle and sees the court well.
Can shoot the 3 and finishes great going to the basket. Mid to High Major
Division I prospect. (Out for summer with broken bone in foot)

Asad Lamot – 6’2″ combo guard – fundamentally sound, a leader on the floor, can
shoot the 3, slashes well, great defender. Hardest worker in our program. Mid
major Division I prospect. Great student with a 3.8 GPA. (Plauying with 17U Alamance Athletics for 17U Showcase and 17U Nationals in Orlando)

Ryan King – 6’9″ small or power forward – athletic and plays above the rim.
Good hands and score around the basket. Needs more strength and ballhandling
skills. Mid-major Division I prospect.

Justin Mitchell – 6’5″ small forward that can shoot the ball consistently to 18
feet. Good hands and athleticism allow him to play above the rim. Needs to
improve his strength but is a Division II prospect.

Bashir Balarabe – 6’6″ small/power forward – can play inside or outside. Very
determined player who plays very hard and does all of the dirty work. Low to
mid major Division I prospect. (Playing with 17U Southern Kings in 17U Showcase and AAU 17 U Nationals in Orlando)

overarm Class of 2012

Michael Obacha – 6’9″ power forward – strong inside presence that is a
versatile scorer and great rebounder. Mid to High Major Division I prospect.

Patrick Kouadio – 6’10” center – A very strong player with good timing,good
understanding of the game .Can set excellent screens and a good shot blocker. A
good team player, leader and a great motivator,with great hands, good offensive
player too when he wants to. Mid to High Major Division I prospect.

Willy Akasson – 6’3″ shooting guard -big time scorer , excellent shooter, uses
the screen well, can shoot off the dribble and penetrates very well . Mid to
High Major Division I prospect.

Carlos Rankins – 6’1″ combo guard – strong ballhandler and good 3 pt. shooter
who finishes in transition and can really score the basketball. Mid to High
major Division I prospect.

Ibrahim Aguissa – 6’10” small/power forward – a player who dribbles like a guard
at 6ft 10 with a wing span of a 7’2” ,loves to play facing the basket up to the
three point line, can break his man down, soft hands, shoots the ball anywhere
within 20ft. Mid to High Major prospect.

Xavier Johnson – 5’11” point guard – strong ballhandler with pass-first
mentality and runs the show. Good defender with decent three point shooting.
Low to mid major Division I prospect.

Nolen Gerald – 5’9″ combo guard – Highly skilled guard that can score the ball
and shoot the 3 point shot. Needs to improve his strength, but is certainly a
Division I prospect down the road.

Ryan Crumpton – 6’3″ wing – good skills who attacks the goal well. Decent
shooter who needs more strength. Good work ethic and coachable. College

Kānker Class of 2013

Eric Carter – 6’0″ combo guard – scorer that is improving ballhandling and
defensive skills but has the potential to be a college prospect.

Jordan Tribble – 6’8″ power forward – good post player that needs more
strength. Mid -major Division I college prospect.

Raphael Love – 6’4″ small forward – skilled athlete that can score in
transition or shooting the outside shot. Needs to improve defensively and his
strength, but is certainly a college prospect.

http://escapespamcr.co.uk/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://escapespamcr.co.uk/spa-days/ Class of 2014

Theo Pinson – 6’5″ guard/wing – Top 5 player nationally for his class. Great
athlete with good Basketball IQ. Very good at attacking the basket and scoring
in transition. Good passer and decent shooter. High Major Division I
prospect. (Playing with 17U CP3 at 17U Super Showcase and 17U Nationals in

K.J. Langley – 5’10” point guard – solid ballhandler with great court
instincts. Decent shooter who needs strength. College prospect. (Playing with
Kingdom Athletes in 14U AAU Nationals in Orlando)


  1. Twenty players listed and 16 are D1 college prospects. The other four are just college prospects. Amazing! what a program! How do you find playing time for that many great players? Some didn’t see the court at their previous schools and in just weeks of working with the OR staff are now college prospects. Is it really possible to get that many kids scholarships by announcing on GS.com that they are college prospects. It is true some are prospects but blowing smoke about the others will just destroy OR’s credibility and cause coaches to question if the good ones are really good.

  2. From what i hear, there will be a high school team and a travel team…but come on now, let’s get the heights correct..chris jones is 5-9 at best, jacob is closer to 6-6 than 6-8..ryan king is about 6-7 at best…and, did the african kids just “meet them” when they left myrtle beach? only bashir was with the group at myrtle beach..cant wait to follow this circus when the season starts..

  3. Who really cares what’s going on at ORMA.
    It is time for football, oh by the way how’s the football team doing at ORMA.
    I bet their whole team is DI prospects and all going out west to play college football.

  4. You know, you have to give “K” his due, he works for his players whether it’s hype or not!!!

    My read on his players is this:

    Lawson—definitely a big timer at least based on potential—an absolutely wonderful athlete

    Jones—The people I know who have seen him say he’s a sure thing for good minutes @ Tennessee as a freshman

    Neal—He’ll lay @ a UNCG, App State, Winthrop, HPU type of school and that’s not bad

    Lamont—who can disagree with that? he does appear to be a nice, hard working player, and he’s been a leader for “K” including Northern Guilfrd—see him at an Army, Navy, Lehigh, or at least at that level—don’t think his outside game can take him any higher personally

    King—If he’s the kid from QEA, then his height will take him to that level plus his gene pool (Chris King from WFU is his dad

    Mitchell—player from norther guilford?? if so, then that’s HYPE!!!!

    Rankins—-very athletic kid, but that’s a bit of a stretch for him no matter how much he improves

    Pinson—Like I said before, Price was willing to risk three years probation and losing his invitation to the grand opening and a free stay two week in the presidential suite of the new Wyndham hotel that Skip Alston and the city of GSO have planned for downtown to get Pinson to Dudley—he’s definitely the real deal—would I love to see in Bengal green? Yes sir!!!!

    Don’t know the rest, but I am sure we will!!!

  5. what happened to Chris Richmond? and the kid Willy Akasson is here from the Ivory coast a friend of mine said he is pretty good, said he can shoot and is very athetic and can jump he said the other bigs havent came yet

  6. It is amazing the level of dislike and pure hatred that goes on this site. I am not originally from this area and I do not have direct connection to any of these schools, but I am loving what I am seeing from OMRA. The reality is that OMRA is changing the game locally and the good and better players will all benefit. The only losers will be the coaches and high school programs that only feed off of the good/great atheletes that once paraded through those schools without the level of support, coaching or “marketing” these kids deserved.

    I was once a good athelete that could have rec’d a partial or potentially full ride for track and potentially football but my coaches were no more than good PE and social studies teachers from a school in a small town. I did not get the exposure that I should have rec’d and I did not know about all of the AAU teams or exposure camps that kids have today.

    What OMRA is doing for these kids, future kids and our community is a great thing. It is easy to keep pointing fingers at Stan or the other programs that they are starting but the proof will be in the players getting better opportunities than they may have rec’d otherwise and the better players getting even higher level offers than they may have thought about previously.

    Great job OMRA and I am rooting for your success !!!

  7. if orma has 20 “D-1” players then there is no excuse for them to not go undefeated next season

  8. Tee Tee,

    I know a lot of area coaches, and they are not just PE teachers. Your mindset would be okay if coaches from ORMA didn’t bad mouth area coaches to the players they recruit. Yeah, PE teachers are the only thing these area coaches are. Ridiculous!!!

    By the way, I saw that ORMA has one game scheduled and two coaches for the football team. I don’t understand why anyone would want to play with them right now. If there are more games scheduled then post it please. I want to check them out to see how good they are. Also heard there may not be enough players to make a team, so they have their current players (who recently transferred in) out in the streets trying to scrounge up anyone else they can to complete the team. Still sounds suspect to me.

    Drove by the football field today too, and it looks like crap. For the $40,000 that they supposedly got from the University of Oregon and the $1 Million they got from Dale Jr., you’d think that they at least make the field somewhat presentable. I guess with only 2 coaches, there is only so much they can do.

  9. The coaches that do actually teach, I would just about guarantee they do so they can coach. 90% are coaches hired to also be teachers, not the other way around. Ripping local coaches when most have abided by their rules and have won the right way and comparing them to coaches who have ZERO rules is insane. Their basketball coach has money and has used it to build a good basketball team and save a school. That is fantastic, but he would do no more than many of the coaches do around here if he had the same teams as they do. Anybody can win in high school with a ton of talent, and he supposedly has 20 college prospects.

    Let them be, they are now a travel basketball team. However there should be no discussion comparing them to other schools around here because no one else can do what they do within their rules. Of course they should be loaded, kids go where the money and hype is. They have dorms too. I don’t know if anyone around here is playing them this year, I have heard only 1 local private school has agreed but don’t know who it is, but if ORMA doesn’t destroy any team the play locally then they are not as good as they should be.

    It is a great thing that the school is back on its feet. As long as they adhere to the honor and discipline it was established on the “new” ORMA is a great thing to have in our area. However, if it is like I saw last year where you have players goofing off during the national anthem and not honoring the school other than the name on the jersey then the new ORMA is nothing more than a better funded Veritas.

  10. 1 – Stan is a VERY GOOD coach and the piedmont triad is lucky to have him coaching in the area. He does an
    extremely good job with his program.

    2 – This mid to high major prospect ranking is a joke. The only bigger joke going on is President Obama’s
    stimulus package. These listings should say Division I prospect. If you are a mid major player that means
    you can play at a VCU, Butler, Creighton. UNCG and all these SoCon schools who wish they were mid majors
    are low major schools who are working on becoming mid majors. I don’t think the state of North Carolina
    has enough talent to produce all these mid to high majors.

    3 – The guy or girl who wrote these reports did a good job with the younger kids of saying college prospect oppose
    to specifying what level.

    4 – Can someone post the current SAT scores of all the 2011 kids since 2 of them have their gpa’s posted?
    That is pertinent information for the recruiting process.

    5 – It should be fun to watch Oak Ridge play this upcoming season. With all this talent it’d be a beautiful thing to
    watch if they are getting up and down the court, really guarding on defense, and sharing the ball on offense.

    Best of luck to ORMA this year!

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