High Point Road Woes

The News & Record featured a story on High Point Road – how it has fallen on bad times. High Point Road was once a vital and exciting business corridor. The problem was it depends on a mixture of local traffic to survive. I recall back when we had Ice Hockey and Indoor Football at the Coliseum, there were thousands of local people on High Point Road to watch these games. These folks spent money in the restaurants and everyone was happy.

Today, there is no local events at the coliseum and the restaurants have either closed or had to adopt to the reduced traffic. The hockey and football crowds might have been small compared to the rare sell-outs in the coliseum today; but they were consistent and regular. The kind of traffic that sustains businesses through the year.


  1. The swimming pool will turn things around.

    Not only the lack of sports teams in the coliseum, but the GC doesn’t seem to be able to compete for concerts either. Lot of great shows in North Carolina this summer, none of them in Greensboro. Heck, the Biltmore in Asheville has a better schedule using their backyard then what’s happening at the Coliseum.

  2. See, the swimming thingy, the ACC, the WYNDHAM,what about the smooth jazz lovers, High Point can get Frankie Beverly and Maze,Durham gets Maysa, Norman Brown,etc. wE’RE A LARGER AREA,WHY CAN’T WE BRING IN tHE rIPPINGTONs, ,Euge Groove, Incognito etc? Y? I ‘ll tellyou, we bring the hottest contry shows that are on tour,you pacify the young with the rap/hip hop,what about “the boomers”,why should we have to travel to Durham, Ugh(of all places, Cary ,Raliegh, and CHARLOTTE? City Stage was a grat sense of variety entertainment and so were the jazz concerts at the Carolina theater.Now we have the great nitelife downtown,bringing in these types of concerts makes money for all. We still after all these years wanna be that quaint southern town with a hint of the big city . . .but not too much! Maybe there needs to be a change at the TOP at the coliseum ,maybe MB(Matt Brown ) has become complacent and feels he can just throw anything at us and we’ll bite.Eveything must change,nothing remains the same,the young have become the old(not too old) It’s quite a slap in the face to a certain segment of this “metropolis”. We can do better,that ACC HOF and swimming thingy aint the answer. CAN’T WE????????????????

  3. You are right coach, A swim facility that will attract a few thousand swimmers and their parents, coaches, etc over several weekends per year is not THE ANSWER. But it is a piece of the puzzle.

    PS: I dont really see “more jazz” as much of a magic bullet either. But that is sort of the point. THERE IS NO MAGIC BULLET. There are many pieces to this puzzle some of which are not even CVM related.

    The community must come together to revitalize HP Rd.

  4. Mick, I wasn’t proposing that “jazz” was the answer,just saying that other cities have blowed us away in the wind by our choices,that’s all.

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