NWG at the Wake Forest HS Football 7 on 7’s: Vikings finish among the Top Four

from the Northwest Guilford Viking Camp:

Northwest Guilford made it to the Final Four at BBT field. They were the only NC team to make it thru. The other three teams were Brynes SC A and B teams and Chester SC (who won it). NW lost to Brynes A team in the semi’s. Great job Vikings!


  1. I think it was a total of 20 some teams. I know NW Guilford, Northern, Smith, NE Guilford, Mt Tabor, and Carver were a few of teams there from around the triad. There were teams at this thing from all over the South East U.S. From what I heard NW Guilford got in the Final four by going 4-0 in their bracket. I also heard they beat some team from either GA or AL with a last second TD to win it.

    Congrats to NW. But like I said before let see you do this with the pads on in a few weeks!

  2. Overall, NWG is 12-1-1 after the Elon and Wake Forest 7 on 7’s. They look awsome on offense spreading the ball around to all receivers. They even got a taste of the BB&T field when the played the Byrne A team in the final 4 event of the day. Great job and if the defense comes together this year, there will be a power shift in the 4a division. Looks like NWG found themselves a Top Gun at QB.

  3. I agree about the QB at NW Pawlowski. I said last season that Pawlowski and the kid over at Western will be two really great QB’s in the triad area.

  4. One thing that should be pointed out about NWG’s team on saturday and that is there were several (if not more) player from their last year’s JV team playing than there were returning varsity players. This should speak in volume on how good this NWG team is going to be not only this year, but especially next week. They have a lot of rising talent feeding into the varsity squad. Let’s not forget, NWG’s JV team went undefeated last year and they played several legit teams. I believe these boys are putting in the effort at the gym and on the field. I agree with HS Football. It’s going to matter most padded up and on the field during regular season games. One other thing I wanted to point out about Saturday’s 7 on 7. NWG has always generally been a running team (not much of a passing team.) Saturday’s event was a passing event. It looks like the young men are hungry and are up for any challenge to make a name for themselves. They seem to be willing to do what it takes to win and gain respect from their coaches, fans and spectators. Just an observation. It seems NWG does have depth this year, which is going to make it an exciting season. I’m looking forward to seeing these young men grow as athletes and as a team.

  5. Just by seeing some of things NW does on offense and defense this is one well coached team. I’m not a NW Fan but if they have somethings go right for them this year they could be a special team!

  6. If things don’t go right for NW – will the football coach get shown the road like last years basketball coach?

  7. The football coach and his staff, are laying a very good foundation for the upcoming season at Northwest Guilford…..

  8. I know from coaching and coaching against several of these NW kids when they were youth, that these kids are winners! Some of these kids may have only lost 5 or 6 football games since they were 7 yrs old. If the O-line gels in august this team will be a threat. They play in a conference full of football powerhouses like HPC, Glenn, Ragsdale, E. Forsyth. Grimsley and Parkland have been down of late but can beat any team on any night. These young men have alot of work to do between now and kickoff time to have a good season but one things for sure. If you are going to beat a Joe Woodruff coached football team, you better bring the hard hat and lunch pail because its going to be a long night!

  9. That O-Line has Matt Sugg and he is one of the best around…I tried to block his dad once and ended up at a pancake house in the next county…..

  10. I’d like to throw some recognition out to the Oak Ridge Pop Warner organization (The Colts.) They’ve always been a strong organization, but when they became a pop warner team they’ve produced some pretty talented players, which NWG is now seeing the benefits of. It just goes to show how important sports are to kids and where it leads. It’s hard to beat a disciplined team. And even when you do, they are still a class act.

  11. Woodruff has really put together a great staff at NW. I think 3 coaches on staff played big time college football and two of those coaches played in the NFL.

  12. Yes, Oak Ridge has done a great job developing players for NW! Several kids on the team played for either Oak Ridge or the Guilford College Steelers youth organizations and some played at both.

  13. Can a running coach all of sudden switch his thinking to a passing game? I don’t think so. Woodruff reminds me of the old Seahawk coach Ground Chuck (Knox). Maybe he will turn pawloski into a running back and get someone else to hand the ball off.

  14. With a talent like Matt Pawlowski around, interesting things can happen. Matt P. could be like a Rusty Larue,, only I think Pawlowski is taller than Rusty was…..

    I believe NWG will be ready for the challenge…

  15. I think the more Pawlowski develops into a QB the more they will let him throw the ball around. You have to remember Matt Pawlowski was only a Sophomore last year and NW really didn’t have many WR’s that were a threat! If I was a coach I don’t think I would be lining up in 5 wide with no proven WR’s and letting a 10th grader who had never started a varsity game throw the ball. Coach Woodruff and staff know what their doing same old!

  16. Don’t worry folks………NW has running backs w/ speed, vision & lots of skill! Young guys w/ years to go @ NW. Let’s put the pads on & you can see for yourself!!!

  17. That’s stretching the imagination. Matt Pawloski would need a little more speed to be a running back. All these 7 on 7’s are just a prelude to the season We really don’t know what’s going to happen until NWG jumps in and starts playing their regular games. Let’s hope for the best for the guys and let them do their jobs. And most of all, be supportive should you follow this team as a parent or a fan.

  18. Check This and NW #1 FAN… I totally agree with you both. Well said. Let’s focus on the talent we have now and roll with it. GO VIKINGS!

  19. NW JV is always good, in every sport. It’s the varsity level where NW struggles, always have for the most part.

    It’s where the really solid, smart, “good kid” player meets up with the truly athletically gifted player. NW has some of both, but not nearly enough to go deep.

  20. Looks to me like you NWG fans/Parents have a lot to look forward too this year. You have a very talented team and good coaching. Should be a banner year and a showcase year for some of your Seniors. The upcoming Juniors look real good so you should have a couple of great years ahead. I watched a couple of juniors play for NWG last year and was surprised by the play of a couple of Sophomores. I plan on attending a couple of games this year and look forward to0 great competition in the Triad.

  21. The offense at NWG is called Wings & Things! Ask any defensive coordinator that has faced NWG the last 3 seasons about that offense and they will probably want to punch you right in the face! They spend all summer working on stopping the spread then they have to change some things in one week to stop the Wings & Things.

  22. All I can say is wait till you meet HPC NW Fans! You guys have to come to simeon stadium this fall and the results wont be pretty! HPC will own yall no matter what people are saying about a 7 on 7.

    HPC will win the Piedmont 4A this fall bet on it!

  23. HPC? Please, you guys lost 21 seniors. I think if NWG covers Grant, game over. 38-7 NWG wins big. I WILL take the bet.

  24. HPC how bout NWG will get beat down when they face Northern a few weeks before that! Harris and Scarfone will torch that defense! 5 wins for the vikings and another 1st round beat down in the playoffs!

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