NCAA crossing state lines, now investigating South Carolina and it’s connected to North Carolina players


The NCAA is investigating University of South Carolina tight end Weslye Saunders about possible rules violations, Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier confirmed Sunday night.

It is believed the investigation of Saunders is connected to the NCAA’s ongoing probe concerning of University of North Carolina football players and agent activity. Saunders, a senior from Durham, N.C., has several friends on the Tar Heels’ team, including defensive tackle Marvin Austin, who is at the center of the UNC investigation.

Spurrier said he did not know specifically what the NCAA asked Saunders. But a source said NCAA officials are looking into whether agents paid for the airfare and hotel rooms for recent trips taken by Saunders and North Carolina players.

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  1. This just in UNC will have to give back the last three years of victories over NCSU…oh wait a minute they lost the last three years…my bad.

  2. They need to lock up the sports agents and throw the keys away. They are the slime and scumbags that are causing all this. Fake promises and false hope and money on the side and then NCAA Clearing Hosue Investigations. Is is worth it? Ask Polanski and he’ll tell you to ask Tate.

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